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Lack of 1.6 updates from Samsung?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UKLooney, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. UKLooney

    UKLooney Member
    Thread Starter

    Back in the good old days, you could expect a new firmware release from Samsung every month or so. After the release of JC6 (donut), things seem to have ground to a halt, even though there are some serious bugs in this firmware (no sleep etc).
    What are Samsung up to? Have they completely dropped support for this phone?

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  2. Andronix

    Andronix Android Enthusiast

    yes. they want to sell GS now.
  3. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    For all the whining I do around here, I'm willing to cut Samsung some slack on this issue. First, to answer your question, I think they are focusing more resources on their new Galaxy S phone.

    Secondly, I've known Samsung more as a hardware manufacturer than anything else, and in that regard, I have to say, the i7500 is a wonderful phone. The ONLY real complaint I have is battery life, and I can't think of any competition that does things better, so for what I paid for, this is a very solid phone.

    The situation could be better, yes, but I know *other* manufacturers and Samsung IS better than them.

  4. mrqs

    mrqs Android Expert

    my only hardware gripe is the miserably low ram

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