Help Lag after clearing Ram Memory on Task Manger !


Hi, I am new here so first of all congrate to the forum and secondlly thanks so much in advance for your helping!
So today i just bought a new budget Smart Phone which is Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 and at the first time after power on it ran very smooth without any lag at all and i was so happy with it but after i had clearing "Ram Memory" from the task manager to make it clean from unused and ineactive applications then after doing that it started to lag by a little bit exactly when i multi-task the "windows" in "Home Screen" and while scrolling apps and then i did factory reset with the hope that it will fix the lag but not i can still notice a little bit lag while multi-tasking and now i'm not sure why this happened, it is because of "clearing Ram" or is it something else that makes it lag! So, please anyone help me what do i need to do to get the full speed of my phone just like before ??? Thanks and sorry for my poor english :)

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Hi iGeek, welcome to AF!

Re RAM Management, Android does a pretty good job of managing RAM and does it differently than windows in that RAM is there to be used.

I'm not sure if lag is common on the chat, but I'll move your post to the Chat subforum, where those who have the device will be able to assist.