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Support Lag and screen issues post-Froyo update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by All-a-Mort, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. All-a-Mort

    All-a-Mort Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, had the S since August last year. Couple of questions/issues to ask/raise to the gurus in these here parts:

    1. Since the Official Froyo (damn it's hard not to type Frodo) update I've noticed the Galaxy S being distinctly sluggish in operating. Considerable lag has been developing. Whilst I can attribute some of that to the number of data enabled apps constantly seeking to update/sync, it still seems worse since Froyo. Anyone noticed lag issues getting worse since Android 2.2?

    2. More of a worry for me is a possible issue with the display. I often get scrolling black lines (quite fuzzy lines) going horizontally (I think, but could be vertical I guess) down the screen. Reminds me of what you see if you turn a video camera on a PC screen, you can visually see the screen refreshing. Quite disturbing. Reckon my 'S' might be b0rked. Anyway, has anyone else come accross this?

    3. My sad old Toshiba mp3 player is reaching it's end. So, I am wondering does anyone use their 'S' as a mp3 player as well and how well does it perform in this role? Does it shorten dramatically the already pretty shortlived battery life?


  2. forza2020

    forza2020 Member

    1.A further update to Froyo 2.2 - 2.2.1 - resolves the lag issues. You can get it via Kies ( I know!) if your provider has sorted it with samsung.

    2.Have you tried doing a factory reset?

    3.I use mine as an MP3 player. It's excellent.
  3. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    1- 2.2.1 solves it. And some custom roms solve it further. If you don't care about your warranty.

    2- Never even heard of it. Sorry.

    3- I use it as a movie and mp3 player. And it does very good.
  4. pfhyde

    pfhyde Newbie

    It's annoying that everyone says "2.2.1 solves" the lag problem, when 2.2.1 is NOT available through Kies for everyone! Please don't propagate false hopes. I've been waiting around for 2.2.1 for a month.
  5. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    Yes, 2.2.1 solves the problem, i've been using it since december 2010. beer-in-box said "2.2.1 solves it. And some custom roms solve it further. If you don't care about your warranty...." which means update is not through kies.
  6. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    Yes, my update wasn't through KIES. Actually, 2.2.1 solved MOST of the lag issues. Not all of it. So I installed Darky's ROM v9.2. That, actually solves ALL of my lag issues.
    In Turkey, some people couldn't even upgrade to 2.2 via KIES :) Feel lucky, I mean.
  7. pfhyde

    pfhyde Newbie

    I just wanted to say that 2.2.1 does NOT miraculously solve the lag issues. I note improvements, but not wholesale solutions. There's no seamlessness when using the interface's various functions, like typing this message right now, or scrolling between application bookmark frames, switching between applications, etc. And for me, new problems were introduced: an inaccurate battery readout and less precise GPS "my locations." So the upgrade for me was underwhelming and hasn't at all lived up to the hype it's been given (by mostly Samsung moles, probably ;). In sum, 2.2.1 gives us just what we ought to have expected for a mere ".1" added to the end of 2.2.
  8. All-a-Mort

    All-a-Mort Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Likewise. Updated to 2.2.1 via Kies and vodafone. Not really any less lag, bugs or resolved screen issues. Not tried a factory reboot yet...it'd be somewhat annoying to have to record everything I'd need to reinstall. The problem shows no sign of going away though, so I guess I'm down to doing a factory reset or contacting my mobile company to get it replaced.
  9. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    Just got 2.2.1 in Hong Kong. I was waiting around for the official. Just like the OP after updating from 2.1 to 2.2 I noticed some stability improvements, but overall it started to lag even worse than 2.1. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but gaming degraded a lot on my phone. 2.2.1 seems quite a bit snappier (I haven't even factory reseted my phone yet) though at times some of my apps have behaved a bit strangely, overall I've been happy with the first few days of performance. Gaming has definitely improved (screen response, smoothness, etc). My GPS hasn't been too bad, though I noticed my battery seems to be draining a bit faster.

    The above information doesn't solve your problem, but hopefully reaffirms what you've been experiencing.

    I use it occasionally as an mp3 player. On 2.2 I didn't think the drain on battery was too bad. I mainly use it for commute though, not usually walking around. It never seemed like I was losing a lot of battery fast. I like how you have some basic controls on the lock screen.

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