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Lag fixed my {GB 2.3.5 stock} phone - Samsung captivate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rarewolf, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    so i was searching and searching.
    finally got my phone fixed from this drastic lag.
    the development is dead on this phone but im still here.
    I made a log of what i did to make my phone faster.
    Started on 3/21/14
    Days without incident: 0

    Extra tweaks to phone: 0
    Debloated apps: 0
    Customizations to phone:0
    (this includes changing out apps for more useful ones and such)

    I have a new fix will be posting this up soon. just want to make sure im not giving everyone a reboot crash.
    LagfixLogDoc Download link Warning:
    (As of 3/22/14 a reboot issue has taken effect. if your having the same problem or you did something diffrently please let me know.)

    from what i see there is a problem with the under-clocking of the phone which could be returned and repaired to Samsung.

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  2. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    These are my issues that im having so far.

    Random reboots

    Played a game it crashed aproximately 2 minutes into the game at most.
    (deleted some apps before doing this)

    wiped dalvik and cache
    but i still got a reboot while playing a game.

    changed display settings to optimize performance.

    A lout stuttering crash on the game happend/.
    i rand a memory stress test and it seemed to have rebooted then too.

    It seems that the Init.d file might be the cause of this problem i shall redo the lag fix and report with my results.
    I have gotten to 2.3.5 and no restart on it.
    even while playing the same game.
    Potential causes:
    **most likely responsible for the crash and reboots.

    Quick logs:
    2.3.5 stock GB rom
    with CornKernel_UCKK4_v706 (CWM)
    no tweaks test 3/23/14 8:15PM pacific time.
    CRASHED at 8:34PM

    Bugged out:
    I897UCKF1-AutoRoot-DesignGears (2.3.5 GB rom, No fresh install)
    with CornKernel_UCKK4_v706 (CWM)
    no tweaks, clearing cache
    Note: the CornKernel_UCKK4_v706 (CWM)
    got erased with designgears autoroot 8:36PM
    discovered that wifi wasnt working at all.

    fresh installing
    back to GB 2.3.5 stock.
    (then ill install CornKernel_UCKK4_v706 (CWM) after a stability test)
    has crashed while browsing/intense emulator game.
  3. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I want to dedicate this post for the people that helped me fix this issue.

    Thanks to:​
    My Nephew, for playing the game and reporting to me what issues the phone has in latency and reboots.

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