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lagfix on captivate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by frogman23, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. frogman23

    frogman23 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    rooted captivate with 2.3.5 gingerbread: 2.3.5- I897UCKK4-Kernel Rooted with Odin and ran OCLF but when I try to use lagfix V2.2 it says I dont have playlogos file. What is the problem here? I also ran ROM manager and the captivate is not on the list for clockworkmod recovery. Can someone help me out? I just want to lagfix and maybe flash a ROM from ROM manager.

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  2. falcon7204

    falcon7204 Newbie

    Here's my understanding of things:

    1) OCLF is apparently no longer in development and is not fully compatible with Gingerbread. There may be other, better tools out there - search the forums for "OCLF" and there may be a link to a better solution. I'm not interested in applying a lag fix, so I haven't looked very hard.

    2) The version of CWM in the Market (with ROM Manager) won't work with GB. You'll need to root and flash a new kernel like the Corn Kernel (which has CWM) and do all your recovery from the recovery window instead of from within ROM Manager. I tried to use ROM Manager and discovered CWM wasn't included, so I looked for geeve's excellent guide on rooting your Cappy (which you can find here). Very clear and concise step-by-step instructions for using Odin (NOT Odin One-Click).

    My phone is rooted and I've been able to use CWM to back up the entire thing (data, apps, system - not music or pics, but I have those stored separately) in preparation for flashing a new ROM (someday - not entirely sure I'm ready yet).

    If you've already rooted and you don't have CWM, you may need to flash a new kernel. That's beyond my scope, but perhaps one of the other helpful folks on this forum can chime in.
  3. El Niche

    El Niche Member

    I also believe what falcon said is correct. that lagfix isnt used anymore and can actually screw up your phone. In GB people didnt really use lagfix too much, but I think they changed the file from RFS to EXT4. This would be done by changing a kernel that supported it. Now people that want more speed usually Overclock their cappys (also need a kernel that supports it).

    I myself changed from RFS to EXT4 when I was on GB but couldnt find too much difference so just reverted back.

    You should read up a bit more in XDA to confirm this, but Im almost positive the OCFL lagfix is not a good idea.

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