Help Lagging; text messages

--My phone works perfectly, I have like 3 apps & like 5 songs; plenty of memory left HOWEVER lately my messages (from the main page to the sending,even the keyboard gets stuck) have been lagging. all it says now is to force it cuz I have to many messages??

*I dont have any other apps open at the time*


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Wow, that is a lot of messages. Have you never deleted a single message? I don't think i have even received that many since i got the phone.


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In my experience with another, similarly specced android phone, the messaging app would start giving people trouble once they got past a few thousand. So I definitely think that's the likely culprit.

There are apps to backup messages to gmail (so they can still be viewed) if you want to get rid of them but still keep them available, as some people do.