Help laggy typing especially on forums

I do alot of posting on forums and for the most part i have to at a steady pace otherwise the phone can't keep up with me. Also, navigating through my posts to make any corrections is extremely difficult.
There is a magnifine glass thing that seems to pop up but im not sure how to do it. Doing a long press sometimes brings it up and others asks me to copy/paste. Also when i press on the spot that i want to edit sometimes it will stay there and other times it will move on its own to another part of the wording.
Anyone else expeirencing anything like this?


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Yeah. I notice it happens if the whole text box doesn't fit on the screen so it has to pan over as words are typed.

The magnifying glass you get by holding down on the red spot.


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I have had the forum lag issue with every phone I've used. That I was able to even type in the forums. Had 3 Winmo phones, 3 Android phones. All had lag typing in any forum. There's not much you can do to change it. I have noticed less lag with the X than all the others. Guess, just because of the simple fact its a much faster phone.


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Wait for the Phandroid app to come out either later this month or in September, I can't remember which.