Help Landscape Keyboard Lag


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When typing really fast in Landscape mode on my HTC Incredible I am noticing that the default HTC Incredible keyboard misses about 30% of my keystrokes. This is annoying, especially since I type faster in landscape than in portrait, yet the faster I type, the more keystrokes get missed.

Missed keystrokes seems to rarely occur, if ever, in portrait mode even if I type relatively fast.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it due to graphic-lag, lack of multi-touch typing or some setting?

I've tried Shapewriter, SwipeIT, Swype, Better Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard and have found either their layout sucks and/or they miss significantly more keystrokes than TouchInput does in Landscape.


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I have not; I mis-type in portrait mode & have difficulty getting phone to rotate to landscape-any tips for doing that?

settings -> display -> orientation?

some third-party apps override this too, so worth checking application specific settings.


novacane (OFWGKTA)
Does this happen to you with SMS or when youre web browsing? I noticed that it only lags for me when I'm on a forum