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Landvo L200G LTE + KitKat 4.4 Low Cost Phablet Video Review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dragon2knight, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. dragon2knight

    dragon2knight Android Enthusiast
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    This is my review of a rarity in the sub $100.00 android phone class: A Phablet(5.0") that has both LTE capability plus KitKat 4.4.2 and it's rootable, all wrapped up in a pretty, well made phone.

    A company in Hong Kong called Gearbest sent me the review unit as well as gave me a nice bonus that I can pass on to you fine folks, a coupon code that brings the L200G's price from an already good $118.00 to $99.00....delivered worldwide! Not bad at all :)

    The L200G has quite a few good things going for it, from a quad core MediaTek MTK6582 chipset plus a MT6290 radio for true LTE reception, to a good quality 5.0" IPS QHD screen(960x540 res, 240dpi). It's one of the better low cost screens I've had the pleasure of using, with crisp clear colors and good brightness. Text is more than sharp enough for everyday use and the blacks are plenty dark as well. All told, a really nice non HD screen. LTE works on Verizon's network(I tested it on a friends network) in the US, not sure of it elsewhere. I use T-Mobiles network in NYC, NY and still get great 4G speeds downloading using their refarmed 1900 mhz band so even if you can't take advantage of the LTE speeds on this phone, your still good :) It also runs all of Google's services including Google Now, so your also good to go there.

    Also of note is the fact that the L200G can be rooted right out of the box. It comes with the app SuperSU that allows the phone to be rooted in under one minute, no exaggeration. The phone works great rooted and all rooted apps can now be taken advantage of, a nice surprise indeed to find during my review :)

    It has a decent 8MP rear facing camera with auto focus and a flash. it was better than I expected it to be considering the price. It does suffer in low light conditions, but not as badly as others I've used for the cost. Here are a few pics done with the cameras HDR function turned on in low light conditions:


    As for the front facing camera, it's 2.0MP and does a decent job for what it is, a low cost camera that at least does selfies and Skype well enough. It's getting hard to find phones that even have a front facing camera at this price point, so at least the L200G has one included.

    The build quality, is also pretty solid. It's all plastic, but it's a stiff plastic, with little or no flex with the back cover on. The buttons(all of which are located on the right hand side) feel solid and work well. It uses three capacitive buttons located under the screen and unfortunately they aren't backlit, but at least they are easy to get used to in short order. The screen feels like it's glass, but I can't confrim that. It's solid and doesn't mark up too easily, a good sign that it is glass. The L200G does come with a preinstalled screen protector(as well as a second one in the box, nice) and it works ok for a generic one. I replaced mine with a nice military grade one I custom cut I got off ebay and it works even better. Also included in the box is a nice custom fit gummy(silicone) case, something you don't see very often on China sourced phones. It does an admirable job of keeping the phone from slipping out of your hand but I can't say if it will protect it much in the event of a fall....but at least you get one for free so you really can't complain much ;)

    All told, for the price especially, you really can't beat the Landvo L200G for what you get. LTE, a good 5.0" IPS screen, a fast processor, KitKat, goodies in the box and a great coupon code from Gearbest.com bringing this phones cost below the $100.00 mark. Check out the video and let me know what you think, thanks!

    Here is the site to get it at as well as the coupon code:
    LANDVO L200G Dual CPU 4G Phablet - Gearbest phones
    And the coupon code is L200GLM. Let me know if it stops working and I'll see if I can get it renewed, thanks.

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  2. Ives14

    Ives14 Newbie

    4G: FDD-LTE, 1800MHz, 2600MHz
    - 3G: WCDMA 850MHz, WCDMA 900MHz, WCDMA 1900MHz, WCDMA 2100MHz
    - 2G: GSM 850MHz, GSM 1800MHz, GSM 1900MHz
  3. dragon2knight

    dragon2knight Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yep, those are the supported bands---as stated by Gearbest.....any questions on this? For the record, even though I know the FDD-LTE bands aren't supported in the United States by any carrier, I still noticed the phone to stated "LTE" at the top while using Verizon's network. This might indicate the the posted bands might not be all the bands supported. This is unfortunately common with China phones. Sometimes you just have to buy it and see for yourself what bands it really has ;)
  4. mmth

    mmth Lurker

    Did you just put Verizon SIM from friend's LTE phone into L200G? Have you tried any other LTE carrier in the US? What about the Walmart Straight Talk Verizon bring your own phone SIM? I am waiting on shipment from Gearbest, didn't see your code before I ordered. It seems like it will take 3 weeks free shipment using NLPost. Gearbest says shipped, but "not found" with NLPost tracking number.
  5. dragon2knight

    dragon2knight Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I put only a Verizon sim in, no one else, sorry.

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