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Tips Lapdock 500 Pro & RAZR MAXX Impressions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanimalD, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. DanimalD

    DanimalD Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 11, 2012
    Paramedic Supervisor / Business Owner
    Mequon, WI
    I was able to take advantage of the VZN special pricing and pick-up a Lapdock 500 Pro for the Razr Maxx so I thought I would share some initial impressions after a couple of days use. I thought this was best-placed in the Maxx threads versus getting lost in the Official Lapdock threads.

    I was going to post a bunch of pictures, but it would be much easier for you to take a look at this video highlighting the main features and connectivity: MOTO Lapdock 500 Video

    There has been some bad press on the Lapdock 500 recently. I will refer to one particular article that many people seem to be using as a reference in evaluating whether they will purchase this product:
    Lapdock: From Avant-garde to Awful

    I'm going to "try" and be objective with this as best as possible but I'm anticipating having some difficulty in doing that. The author of that article is an idiot. (cue the Chili Peppers) Suck My Kiss... :cool:

    First off, everyone needs to stop comparing the Lapdocks to anything else out on the market. This product is a unique extension of your phone, not a tablet, netbook, laptop, or various Apple product known by 400 other different names. Are you like me and wanted a compact way to utilize your phone functionality with a bigger screen and full keyboard? Voila! We got it! I've spent more time just texting, emailing, and using a variety of social media sites (FB still sucks). Simple functionality that is just pretty damn cool. Was I the only one thing to myself, wow... would it be cool to respond to text messages and emails having a real keyboard, on the fly? Nice job MOTO! :D

    You plug your Razr in using a cable on the back of the Lapdock and a sliding tray folds out if you wish to place your phone in it (or just lay it flat). There have been some complaints on the cable itself... I see no major issue here and no durability issues in comparison to some run-of-the-mill USB cable. At least this one neatly stores away when not in use. Once plugged-in, simply open the screen and the Lapdock powers up immediately. You're offered multiple programs in the system tray, with the coolest being the "mobile view". The mobile view shows essentially an exact virtual copy of your phone's screen with full accessibility to your apps and phone functions. To me, this is probably the coolest aspect of this device. As I type this brief review on the Firefox browser, I'm sending/receiving texts, emails, and monitoring a couple media sites... GEEKdom PARADISE! ;) I have not explored all aspects of the functionality with apps and programs so I'm not going to try and comment on everything the Lapdock will enhance, but I have heard that streaming Netflix, etc works quite well.

    Now I'm going to respond to some of the apparent complaints from the article I posted, which basically tore this great product to pieces...

    Keyboard / Trackpad
    I find nothing wrong with this keyboard. The author mentions it is a terrible layout and found it difficult to type on. I've been typing on this thing in high volume and find no issues that are worth mentioning. The key response is quite nice and allows for speedy text input on screen. I have not used the trackpad much, but it is oversized (larger than the pad on my Acer laptop) and did it's job in the little that I used it. I'm a mouse guy so it was planned to plug-in a wireless mouse from the get go. I'm using a Logitech wireless laser nano mouse which was plug-n-play - no compatibility issues.

    Dude... it's 3.4 lbs. My gawd, step back from your Apple screens for a few minutes and lift some weights if you find the weight of this product to be "too much". The author's constant reference to Apple products became rather sickening. I'm sure MOTO will find a way to streamline this unique product line even more (based upon their outstanding work with android phones) but this is certainly NOT a deal-breaker on the product that way it stands!

    I've ONLY run my Maxx on 4G using the Lapdock so far. Of course you can jump on WiFi, or plug a hardline ethernet cable into the Lapdock (nice touch MOTO). Again, the author seemed to slam the hardware for his poor VZN connection that particular day in San Fran. I detect some marker-sniffing going on in that office... :rolleyes:

    That article went on and on, but the references to tablets are just simply apples & oranges. Excuse me, but are you making/receiving calls and texts on your tablet? All while having the rest of this functionality? Don't think so... And even if they did launch a tablet with phone functionality, I'm not going to be the one holding an 8"+ monster up to the side of my head when the headset wasn't available. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

    In closing, the Lapdock isn't perfect. You will find some minor bugs here and there as you dig into all aspects of the functionality. But I find none of them to be deal-breakers in making a decision on purchasing this ACCESSORY (because that is exactly what it is). I will be very interested to see what happens when ICS is brought into the picture, changing many aspects of how the interface will react to resolution changes, etc.

    If you love your RAZR and consider yourself a bit of a "Power User" or junkie, you will love the Lapdock 500. I'm going to leave it at that.
    My rating: 4 out of 5 bars (stars)

    I hope this limited evaluation might help some of you out there considering whether to invest the money in this product. ;)


  2. mtollin

    mtollin Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2010
    Good review, I got mine and have to say the comment about "not a replacement" is 100% accurate, same as a tablet doesn't replace a PC. Simply another choice, or toy, and at $149 I couldn't resist. I understand the bad reviews at $299, but not $149 ...

    If you want to use it for business/corporate world, and you use the new Cytrix standards it will work great, but if you are like me and with a company using an old windows only based std, no go.

    I do agree at 14" and over 3 lbs a little big, but then I carry a Toshiba Portege daily for work.
  3. coreymcl

    coreymcl Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2009
    Regional Sales Manager
    Good read thanks for providing your prospective on it. I am like several others who order one via the $150 Verizon website discount that was posted and mine is still on backorder. Hopefully it will get here soon.
  4. HazQuest

    HazQuest New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
    Telecommuncation Specialist
    Just got my Lapdock pro last week, and love it. What many dont know is that for any of the Motorola smartphones you can hook an external keyboard and monitor to them, but for just a few dollars more you can get the Lapdock pro and be mobile too. My Droid 4 with my LapDock 500 Pro is my new computer. Heck everything I do is the cloud anyway. All I need is my LapDock 500 Pro which has a full size keyboard, a 14" screen, a SD slot, and 4G or Wifi .... I'm good. Thank you Motorola. Just wish the screen was a touch screen too... but maybe soon.
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  5. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    I hate to admit mine is still in the box since I got in on the deal too. Just havent had the need to use it just yet plus I have a 2 and 3 year old at home. If the new webtop comes out with the ICS release, i'll be sure to try it out then.
  6. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2010
    The new webtop looks nice runs faster then before and you just need an hdmi to get it running

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