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Laptop frequently gets disconnected from mobile hotspot.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Solaimalai, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Solaimalai

    Solaimalai Lurker
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    Dear Forum Members,

    I am accessing mobile hotspot to my laptop through Xiaomi Redme 7A phone and Airtel is the internet service provider with good 4G signal strength all the time.

    The laptop used is Acer Aspire E 1- 431 Windows 10, Version 1909.

    The phone works continuously with internet all the time, but when connected to the laptop either through Wi-Fi or USB hotspot, the network in laptop gets disconnected within 3~5 minutes, but the phone is still having the network. On swiping the phone screen, the laptop gets connected, but again works for 3~5 minutes only.

    When connected to other mobile through WiFi also gets disconnected in 3~5 minutes.

    Contacted both Airtel and Xiomi Service Centre, but both of them are not giving any solution.

    Out of Curiosity, I tried with the following troubleshooting as described in various websites, but not successful.

    • Restarted laptop,
    • Run windows 10 network trouble shooter
    • Reinstalled Wi-Fi driver adapter.
    • Disallowed the laptop to “turn off this Device to Save Power”.
    • Changed Wi-Fi AutoConfig Service Startup Type
    • Reset TCP/IP configuration.
    For phone,

    · MIUI 10 was updated to MIUI 11 Global.

    · Reset the Network settings.

    I look forward through the forum, to have a solution to overcome the above trouble.

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Is your laptop having the same problem of cutting out online connectivity every few minutes when connecting to different WiFi networks? (i.e. a friend's home, work, etc.) If so, that does indicate a problem with the laptop but if this is happening only with your phone's hotspot WiFi network it might not be an issue with your laptop at all.

    Another test would be to try connecting a different laptop or mobile device to this hotspot WiFi network and see if the same problem occurs. That would indicate the problem is more with the hotspot software (either the app itself, or one of app's settings).

    Also, if you log into your online Airtel account, is there anything relative to hotspotting in the options menu?

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