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Last 5 Phones....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PsychDoc, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ...In reverse order (top is newest):

    Note 2 (for wifey)


    Galaxy Nexus

    Droid Incredible

    Droid Eris

    (before that a long line of not-so-smart flip phones

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  2. miniSQ

    miniSQ Android Enthusiast

    similar for me...enV and enV2..eris( forgot i owned that one)..then Incredible...then nexus ( returned it within 14 days)...now rezound.

    Soon to be M7:p
  3. PsychDoc

    PsychDoc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    M7 looks nice. Not sure I like that it's going to a 4.7" screen though. Have to say in playing with wife's Note 2, the extra screen real estate is very, very nice. Still love my DNA mind you, but I'm having a bit of 5.5" envy (lol). :D
  4. zenman

    zenman Android Enthusiast

    Yep, I'm close to you guys too:

    Droid Eris
    Droid Incredible
    Droid DNA (Aw yeah!)
  5. stkorn97

    stkorn97 Well-Known Member

    LG Dare
    Some crappy Nextel phone hahaha
  6. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Android Expert

    5. DNA
    4. Galaxy nexus
    3a. Droid Razr
    3b. Rezound
    2. Thunderbolt
    1. Droid X
  7. Ibrick

    Ibrick Android Expert

    Nexus One
    BB 9700
  8. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    My touch 4g
  9. bowsback

    bowsback Member

    from newest to oldest
    Razr Maxx
    iPhone 4s
    Samsung Charge
    iPhone 4
  10. HookEmHorns*UT*

    HookEmHorns*UT* Well-Known Member

    Motorola Droid Razr
    Motorola Droid Bionic
    HTC Thunderbolt

    Sent from my HTC Droid DNA using Tapatalk 2!
  11. micahdiablo

    micahdiablo Well-Known Member

    Considering a Droid DNA.

    For me for my most current phones

    5. HTC 8x(Still in 14 day period)
    4. Nokia 920
    3. Nokia 810
    2. samsung gs3
    1. HTC EVO V
  12. bassjo

    bassjo Newbie

    Galaxy Nexus
    Droid Bionic
    HTC Thunderbolt

    Nexus One
    Droid X
    Droid Incredible
    Droid Eris

    Forgot the X
  13. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    HTC One X
    LG Thrill 4G
    Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S I)
    iPhone 3G
    T-Mobile Sidekick
  14. inkdesigner

    inkdesigner Member

    HTC Incredible
    Casio G'Zone Commando (for 2 days)
    HTC Incredible 2
    Moto Droid RAZR MAXX (personal use)
    iPhone 4 (work phone)
  15. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    ummmm, a NexTel flip phone, don't remember which.
    Voyager feature phone
    Droid D1
    Droid Bionic
    DNA or M7(probably M7)
  16. sailfone

    sailfone Newbie

    beginning with oldest:

    1. unknown flip phone
    2. LG flip phone
    3. LG DARE
    4. INCR
    5. pending: ???? DNA or M7 ????
  17. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    How do you change so often, you've got to be getting some at full price while still in contract??
  18. bassjo

    bassjo Newbie

    Well I can do this one of a few ways... (a) you pay full price for the phone you want then you sell the other one on eBay for at least 2/3 of the cost of what you just bought. (b) Take the upgrades from my family share plan, we have 5 lines and my family indulges my phone habit. Oh and they still reap the benefit of getting relatively new and awesome phones that are well taken care of.
  19. AntimonyER



    Which one doesn't belong? ;)
  20. bassjo

    bassjo Newbie

    Before Android:
    OG iPhone
    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S (Current Work Phone)

    Before iPhone:
    Blackberry something or other?
    Motorola smart something or other?
    Palm Treo 700w

    Before "smartphones"
    Couple of Nokia's
    Motorola Krazr
    Motorola Razr

    Way back in 1992 this was my first foray into the world of mobile phones...

    You older guys remember, they had to "install" them into your car.
  21. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    lol, I had one of those, lol, they called them a "bag phone", and yeah, you had to mount a booster antenna on your vehicle to get decent signal. The battery was a rather large "brick" in the bottom of the bag. Weighed several pounds.
  22. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    I just found out I can transfer my upgrade from my Xoom to my Bionic, so, I can upgrade NOW to the DNA. If the M7 comes out and turns out to be really awesome, or some other phone, I'll have my Bionic's upgrade, transferred to my Xoom that I can then use in May.
  23. lkreykes

    lkreykes Newbie

    Oldest to newset:
    1. LG Scoop
    2. LG enV touch
    3. Samsung Fascinate (really really buggy)
    4. Droid X2 (crashed like 15x a day)
    5. Samsung Stratosphere
    6. Droid Incredible because the strat broke, only owned for about a month
    7. DNA
    I have basically had the worst luck with phones. Ever. Until now! I love my DNA!
  24. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    I have an upgrade this March. M7, GS 4 or maybe the next Nexus.
  25. Itzxdjx

    Itzxdjx Newbie

    5. Droid DNA
    4. Galaxy Note 2
    3. iPhone 5
    2. Galaxy s3
    1. Galaxy nexus

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