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Latest update broke my phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rakiru, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. rakiru

    rakiru Lurker
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    I've already contacted support, but they gave me copy-pasted advice that the first sentence of my support ticket says is not possible.
    Yesterday, I was prompted to update to the newest firmware, so I went ahead and did it. After it had updated though, the phone restarted fine. The UI was very slow and buggy though, as if it was running an intensive background app. I tried replying to a message and the text from my keyboard didn't show up in the message box. I closed the keyboard and the phone then restarted itself. As soon as it got to the home screen again, it restarted, and this loop continnued until the battery died. After charging, it now gets to the HTC logo screen and stops, requiring the battery to be removed to get it to turn off.
    Support told me to backup my contacts (not possible as my phone won't turn on) and do a factory reset (meaning I'd lose all of my contacts and app data).

    So, I'm wondering, is there a way to backup the data without having to turn the phone on, and is it possible to revert to the older firmware (I don't know what it was, but it was before this horrible new UI design).


  2. ghostofcain

    ghostofcain Lurker

    Sounds to me like a incomplete update, I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting a backup of your app data, but your contacts should be safe on your Google account assuming you allow it to sync, you can revert to stock firmware by running the appropriate ruu, but that's gonna wipe everything.
  3. lioness72

    lioness72 Lurker

    I also regret updating the firmware as, like you Rakiru, there seems to be something running in the background that drains my battery. Start-up is incredulously slow, and my battery lasts around 6 hours WITHOUT any use... if I access the internet or play any games, it dies within half an hour. Thankfully though I can access my phone numbers and use the rest of my phone normally (albeit only for a short time!). I can't seem to use HTC Sync to backup my phone numbers, so it seems like good old pen and paper is going to come in handy later on! I just loathe the fact I will lose all saved data in my apps, including any paid apps! Hope you get your phone sorted soon. :(
  4. ghostofcain

    ghostofcain Lurker

    Your numbers will be backed up to Google so no worry there, and if you still have access install mybackup from the market to back up data, job done

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