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Launcher Dock: The ultimate android Dock

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by A1L3, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Mar 14, 2010

    Mar 14, 2010
    Launcher dock is a simple dock to hide/show shortcuts for apps, contacts, and browser bookmarks. the application is very simple for the average consumer and almost deep enough for the tech hearted consumer. each "ring"(as i like to call them) can hold up to 8 shortcuts.

    Developers Targets
    - Simple
    - Organized
    - Customizable

    Short Walk Through
    1.you add the widget to the home screen, when done it will take you to a "customization screen" where you can change the different options and add the shortcuts in question.

    2.when your done choosing your options and apps you pick a name for the dock and save it.

    3.once saved it will take you back to the home screen and you will see a new widget in the shape of a ring/circle which will be in whatever color you chose, you can place this ring anywhere on any home screen you'd like.

    4.once you click the the ring it blurs the background and "expands" to show you the 8 shortcuts that you chose and a gear in the center which will take you back to the customization screen to adjust your settings for that ring.

    Why i Got This App
    I like to consider myself a very organized person and like to organize my phones home screens for certain types of pages, for example one for media and other for editing but that gets hard when you only have 3 home pages to work with which if you can count will leave you with 3 different page styles for those on the vanilla android without flavors from those such as senseui.

    When i first got this app it was under recommendation from forum members and other android owners. little did i know just how organized this would make my home screens and just how much space it saves for more widgets/shortcuts.

    After getting more acquainted with the app i quickly created 4 different widgets one strictly for media, another for contacts for texting, the 3rd for productivity and the last for Internet based apps. the best and most pleasing part about it is that i could fit 32 apps/contacts/bookmarks in a space where i'd have only been able to fit 4 which solved my 3 home screen problem. though my problem is completely solved once i combined this with LauncherPro Beta but thats another review.

    On the older android phones such as the dream and magic this app may lag a bit when opening/closing the widget and it takes a while for it to load the widgets after a re/boot

    - lags a fair amount on low end or older phones

    - naming docks is limited to 11 characters per line at which point it will split into to 2 lines and cut off the top line

    - the customization screen is boring and lack luster

    This apps ui is a mixed bag. when it comes to the widget and how it works it couldn't look much better though that look would really differ person to person as some people may not like the way its circled at the center of the screen once the widget is opened and the way it blurs everything behind it

    On the other side. The customization screen(which is what im calling it for lack of a better name) is very lacking though it gets the job done and although i may not like it the screen does exactly what the developer was targeting which is simplicity. the entire screen is the the docks name at the top directly under that is the color settings and further down you will find a list of 8 not configured shortcuts. in my opinion the dev could have added some shine and still keep it as simple

    At first glance it looks like any other dock with its minimum expectations of holding multiple applications in a condensed space but then going in slightly deeper, and i mean slightly because it is right on the apps home screen, you get into its customization.

    The colors of the widget, which i refer to as a ring for quite obvious reasons, can be changed to just about any color you could want along with that you can change its text color up to and including the shade behind the text.

    Though many may think this is where the customization ends it truly goes quite a bit further as this dock can incorporate different icon packs and mix contacts(in the quick dial flavor or quick text) with programs and bookmarks so your not chained to only having one type of shortcut and its not only meant for apps. then to add a little more you can name each dock to whatever you'd like.

    - Would have appreciated the ability to change the widgets icon into something other than a ring

    - It is hard to use the same color for multiple rings and at times can be inaccurate

    - I noticed a bit of a bug. when you lower the white level of the text, then save it, once you return you cant make it any brighter only darker from that current point

    Wish List
    - Some eye candy
    - Ability to change widget icon
    - Ability to change the way shortcuts are shown once widget is opened

    Targets Fulfilled?
    -Simplicity- this developer has definitely fulfilled this target as the newest users could figure it out within minutes

    -Organization- 2/2 as this is not only organized but will also organize your entire phone

    -Customizable- could have gone a little deeper but as a dock i will say its fulfilled as there isn't much more you could ask for from a dock

    so 3/3 in terms of the devs goals

    Though this app receives a 4/5 ,for the boring look( if it looked better it would easily deserve a perfect score), i would highly recommend it to those who need the space or for those that are like me and like it organized



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