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LauncherPro Beta: No Need To Ever Go Back To The Original Launcher!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by chrisbo444, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Now I'm not saying this is the know all end all of launcher applications, but what I'm saying is that it is by far the best out at the moment. Featuring things like Multi-touch zoom, smooth scrolling between screens(like Sense UI), and customization. It really makes it seem faster and more reliable than the one Google has provided you.


    -REALLY REALLY FAST!!! I cannot stress how smooth and fast the scrolling is on this app.

    -Customizable shortcut dock. Shows icons that are links to any application of your choice at the bottom of the screen. This makes less cluster on your home screen and a more convenient layout for things like your phone and web browser apps so that you may launch these apps quickly.

    -Rotatable screen using the Accelerometer

    -Skin customization, allowing different ways to view and arrange the icons on the launcher.

    -Very smooth app drawer, allowing you to quickly search for applications in your library. the standard app drawer is just too laggy for day to day use.

    -Quick switching of home screens using Multi-touch zoom out of all home screens you have on your phone. Allows you to swipe your fingers on the screen to show a expose effect of all home screens on the phone, showing screen shots of the screens and all icons on them.


    This is still in Beta and being so there are bugs to be found.

    -Some times when using the zoom out feature the screens shots of the homes creens will bug off the screen not allowing you to select or view them. This can usually be fixed by pressing the home button or zooming back into place

    - The home screen preview does not seem to be as animated as the Sense UI launcher, as it does not clearly show the transition of zooming in and zooming out. The feature just seems to go from fully zoomed out to the normal home screen.

    -Seems to force close every so often but reloads quickly.


    5/5 - The speed of this app really cannot compare to others out there, and although it has its flaws and bugs. It is still in beta and many of these things should be worked out in the final release.


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