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LauncherPro Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dumbmayhem, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. dumbmayhem

    dumbmayhem Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok I've been searching for the last hour and half and not quite found the answers I was looking for so apologies if this has been answered but I did look :thinking:

    Anyways, I've installed LauncherPro on my desire but looking for a little help with it. I was looking to change some of the icons as the bottom task bar(is that the dock that people talk about?). I tried holding down the icons I wanted to change and the phone does vibrate as if a menu should pop up but it doesnt so I was looking for some help on that one.

    Second, I think I may have found the answer for this one in the last 5 minutes, but all of my widgets have more or less disappeared like latest sms, email etc. I was looking to have an email widget rather than an icon but I think I read that you can only get these in LauncherPro Plus. Can someone confirm that if possible?

    I've also downloaded FolderDesigner to change some of my icons and have changed the gmail icon on my home screen. My problem is that in the big apps menu - it's still as standard in there. Is there a way to change that? I might have read I would have to root to it but again would like confirmation before I jump to conclusions.

    Thanks :D

  2. julianb

    julianb Newbie


    on you first question- if I hold down any icon in the bottom task bar a popup window shows which allows the following:
    * Change shortcut
    * Change icon
    * Swipe gesture action

    So, I can change the icons. Maybe you should try reinstalling LauncherPro?

    On your second question- most of the stock widgets are unavailable under Launcher Pro. You can either download third party widgets (Beautiful Widgets is one of them) or you can upgrade to LauncherPro Plus. I myself did both. Under LauncherPro Plus you have the following widgets for now:
    * People

    I can not help with your third question though.
    Hope that helps, man.

  3. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    FolderOrganiser creates a shortcut to the original app, so you would add your customized FolderOrganiser Item to your homescreen instead of the original app with the original icon. There's no way to change the icons on the original apps.

    However, I use FolderOrganiser and there may be a way to achieve the result you want (with a bit of work!)

    (1) Go through all your apps in FolderOrganiser and change the icons/text as you wish.
    (2) Create a Label called "Apps", and give the Label an icon.
    (3) Assign all apps on the main application list to the "Apps" label using FolderOrganiser.
    (4) Add a "FolderOrganiser Label" to your Homescreen, choosing the "Apps" label.
    (5) Press the new "Apps" icon on your homescreen and the complete app list of customized apps will be displayed, similar to if you open the "All Programs" menu on the standard HTC Sense dock.

    Never tried it myself, but it may be what you are looking for.

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