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Accessories Lautner Book Cover

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stinky, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Dec 9, 2009

    Dec 9, 2009
    Lautner Book Cover Night, Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble

    This is my review/thoughts concerning this cover for the NC.

    - The Good -

    The case seems to be built well as far as holding and protecting your Nook. The grey charcoal color looks very nice. I dont feel gay walking around with it, it looks professional and not like a toy, or a girl accessory. The clips hold the device in place very well, and dont hinder you from easily removing the nook if needed. The design is great for my needs. It protects my nook if I am out of the house and have it with me. While at home, I mostly remove it from the case so I dont have to mess with opening and closing it all the time.

    - The Bad -

    First off, I didnt like the $35+tax price tag. But it has to be justified with not having an insurance plan (I didnt opt for the extended warranty) so having a case is an extra safeguard. I especially am not happy with the fact that such a pricey accessory is already ripping at a thread seam. It is also beginning to wrinkle a lot where the case folds back when you open it. Over time I forsee this as getting cracked and ugly.

    I have only had this case maybe a month, and have only taken it out of the house a handful of times. Not heavy use by any means, like I said, most of the time its not even in the case, so ripping and other damage shouldn't be happening already. It also not recover well from sharp scuffs, like a slipped fingernail stab, or setting it on something like a pen. The outside 'leather' is somewhat soft and does not look well with little dents in it.

    Good thing at least its not the nook thats danged. I can honeslty say that it has kept my Nook in fantastic shape.

    - Overall -

    This case will protect your Nook, I trust it will keep my Nook scratch free. The case will end up looking like crap after a month or 2 depending on usage. So if you got extra money to throw around, get 2, or just be prepared to take some damage.

    Would I buy it again? Probably, I wasnt a fan of how a lot of cheaper options looked. I would explore other options before I bought it again, but for what it does, its worth the investment.



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