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Lavalier Mics, TRRS, Video Recording, CM12

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PEDAT, Mar 14, 2016.

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    After being informed that my Note 3 requires TRRS for video, I am still unable to get any video camera to use the external microphone on my device.

    I used 3 different Lavalier Mics that use TRRS.

    1. Rode SmartLav+
    2. ATR3350IS Omni Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones
    3. Miracle Sound Deluxe Lavalier Microphone

    When using the stock Android video camera, it clearly doesn't detect that an external mic has been plugged in. I also tried this using the Wondershare PowerCam app, and the CameraMX app.

    First Test.
    I made videos using the internal mic and compared it to when I plugged in the external mic. They sounded the same.

    Second Test
    I ran the tests again using the lav mics, but after I hit record, I laid the phone inside a shoebox and put the lid on it. It sounded muffled and nearly inaudible like someone who dropped a recorder inside a shoe box and tried to make a recording. LOL. I laugh to keep from poking my eyes out.

    Third Test
    I installed Rec Forge Lite and Rec Forge II. Plugged in each lav mic, hit record, stuck the phone inside my sock drawer and closed it. Perfect recording!


    Does CM12 have an issue where video cameras are unable to switch over to the external microphone?

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