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Lazy list

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by indychic, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    What is Lazy List?

    This folder appears on my SD Card with over 7mb of randomness. This folder appears out of no where. I've deleted and it seems not to hurt anything (probably should know what the heck I am deleting first, heh) but anyway after deletion it comes back again but it takes a little time.

    One might think it appears to be tied from a market app however I only started getting this after rooting. (I think) I download only well-known popular apps from the Market. My hubby has the same apps and does not have this folder.

    I've searched google and the answers I get are all the same.. The same question with no definite answer. So anyone know what this is? What is causing this folder? Anyone else have this folder? It's driving me crazy because I like to know what the heck is on my SD CARD.

    Thanks! =)

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  2. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    I don't it would have to tie into an app installed. What apps do you have. We can narrow it down.
  3. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay. So I think I narrowed it down. After playing with LPI (Launcher Pro Icons) .. I noticed this Lazy List folder again on my SD card (which I previously deleted).

    I deleted it again and for the heck of it I opened up LPI again and viewed icons and then closed it. I then went back to Astro and Lazy List was there again.

    It has to be LPI app. Anyone with LPI getting "Lazy List" folder on SD Card after opening LPI? My hubby has the Evo and LPI and does not get this folder. I am 90% sure it's LPI.

    Also, there is a LPI cache folder however there is nothing in it. It's almost like it's not using this cache folder and creating a new one. Hmmm..
  4. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    That could be it. I use my own Icons so I couldn't tell you if it is LPi but it sounds like you can be sure. Have you used any icons yet? Do you have astro or another file manager. If you do you should be able to see details or properties i think of the folder that could tell you more.
  5. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok I am 100% sure its LPI creating this folder. Finally, I figured it out. Geesh. So many people have been asking what this is on their SD card and it's Launcher Pro Icons.

    I do use Astro. When I view the Folder details it just says Lazy List etc etc.. However, I just opened up LPI and gave it a second and then closed out and went to astro and the folder recreated itself again. My hubby uses this app and doesn't get this folder.

    BTW - I make my own icons but with getting a new refurbed Moment (my 4th one) and rooting, etc... I decided to just use LPI for now. Something different. ;)

    Thanks for helping!
  6. reldridge

    reldridge Newbie

    I wouldnt be so sure that it is LPI, as I have this same folder on my HTC Hero and have never insalled or used that application.. Must be created or used by something else as well.
  7. killeriq

    killeriq Lurker

    LazyList i a temp folder for cached image files, if u check them all of them are various icon from various appz ;)
  8. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    Well... for me it's Launcher Pro Icons that is creating this folder.
    This doesn't mean that another app doesn't use this (method - Lazy List) also.

    I have went one by one and figured out that everytime I open LPI there is a folder created called Lazy List. I delete. I re-open LPI. Lazy List reappears. I delete. Re-open, etc.. Therefore, I am sure that it's LPI creating this folder when opening the app LPI. My conclusion ofcourse. BTW, there isn't any icons in this folder. The only thing I can make out is a bunch of temp cache files (mumbo jumbo). If I don't delete this it can become hefty. I've had it become 8mb before. Yes, I use Astro File Manager and I am sure it's not from any other app that I am using currently. Positive! =)
  9. rosethorn

    rosethorn Lurker

    So, is the lazy list made up from the apps that i have actually clicked on and viewed when i've been browsing the market or is it just random apps from the market? I recognise many of them but there are some of the apps that i cant remember viewing.
  10. This file wont stay deleted. I have a boring BEHOLD 2 with 1.6 so I cant use LP, but this folder is taking up my Mem. I think its ES File Manager!!!!
  11. cato714

    cato714 Lurker

    100% sure, LPI is not the only one use this folder.
    I found out Applanet also will store cash file into "Lazylist".:D
  12. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Android Expert

    i have never installed LPI and I have 'lazylist' as well. I'm trying to figure this one out, too - lol
  13. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    It might be a folder created by other apps as said in above posts.

    I know when I install LPI and open it ... Lazy List folder is created.
    It will not stay deleted because everytime you open it up it will recreate
    itself (probably the same with other apps)

    I haven't been using LPI and I don't have this folder anymore creating itself on my SD card.
  14. AndroidKris

    AndroidKris Android Enthusiast

    I came across this thread from a Google search, and after reading all the posts and doing a little experimenting on my own, I feel I must state what everyone else here has said in not so concise terms..

    The folder "LazyList" is simply a cache folder for images viewed from one app or another. Look at the name...it's probably just there to make it easier for apps to use one consolidated cache instead of each one creating and using their own. However, it does not appear to be needed, or cleared with any sort of cache clearing. Mount your SD card to your computer and order the files by date, I've found that the files are created on the dates that I use LPI. Finally: I want a refund for LPI.

    Edit: I just went about deleting the files in my "LazyList" folder...4001 files, 16.1mb. I have never even looked into this folder before because every time I've tried through ASTRO, it's Force Closed. I mounted SD to computer and now I see why.. :)
  15. senrisa

    senrisa Lurker

    So I'm sure its been answered but just so everyone is clear...

    Lazylist is a generic folder created and used by multiple apps to store cached image files. Open the filder and view the files as images and you'll see images from apps you've used. This is used to help speed up the loading of the market, apps, etc. There's no harm in deleting the folder, but it will come back. It would be wise to delete it since it can take up quite a bit of useless storage space.
  16. indychic

    indychic Member
    Thread Starter

    Correct! =)

    I've deleted it and it comes back as soon as I open the app that triggers the folder.. For me it is Launcher Pro Icons. It can be any app I am gathering. It is not harmful to delete. I delete the folder when I am done with the app because I usually don't use that app anymore anyway.
  17. gbonato

    gbonato Newbie

    I've never installed LPI and I do have a LazyList among my SD folders.
  18. Folder Properties

    Name: LazyList
    Modified:Mar 9, 2011 11:56:14 PM
    Size: 55.43 MB
    Number of files: 4023
    Read access: true
    Write access: true
    Free space: 51.03 MB
    Total space: 3.69 MB

    55 MB of Size Whaaatt !?!

    Thanks to you all for helping !

    BTW I am using AndroZip and everything opens fine. Try it. :D
  19. wing45

    wing45 Lurker

    I just figured out that the app "APPLANET" is creating this folder.
    I deleted the folder "Lazy List" after making a copy to my HDD and applanet wouldn't start.
    So I put the folder back on my phone and now the app works again.
  20. roachtoes

    roachtoes Lurker

    It is a folder created by Applanet that contains all the thumbnails for the app previews and descriptions.
  21. echoxseven

    echoxseven Lurker

    i did just use the market, but why are there pictures of my facebook friends on there. I dont even talk to these people.
  22. magentawave

    magentawave Well-Known Member

    I was wondering what that LazyList was too, so thanks for starting this thread.
  23. mrquinton

    mrquinton Lurker

    i noticed my lazy list had all of my facebook "friends" profile pics...
  24. JokaLo

    JokaLo Well-Known Member

    ok so ive been going thru my mothers sd card to clean it up abit. ive noticed the lazylist on my phone, but my folders always had maybe 4-7 files in it my mothers however has BILLIONS and the thing that gets me is me NOR my mother has ever used launcherproicons, launcher pro, none of that, go dev team is what we both had ect...but picspeed wallpapers app had a built up cache of 108mb....in just cache, zedge had 22.5mb, and some other i forgot had 42mb, and they are all wallpaper apps, i swear they are all the devil. lol i just thought id throw this out there, clearing out cache in the phone didnt catch these, so on a pc u can go a little more in depth unless you have file manager, or file explorer.
  25. marty3

    marty3 Lurker

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