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LCD Density?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jawshewah, May 17, 2012.

  1. Jawshewah

    Jawshewah Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there any way to change the value of it on the phone to made the screen look more vibrant? I see someone did it in a new ROM, but can it be done standalone?

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  2. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    There are LCD density changing apps on the market. I believe you need to be rooted for them to work, also some apps will not work/ work properly if the density is changed. I'm sure if you search the market for LCD Density you should get results for some.

    And to add the default density is 240 and you should only change it by small intervals at a time to make sure stuff doesn't get totally screwed up.

    Also I am moving this to the root section since I believe that you need to be rooted... If not I can always move it back :).
  3. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Propmodder does it. $1 in the market.
  4. MRCMidnight

    MRCMidnight Android Enthusiast

    180 is the sweet spot for me, meaning that the notification doesnt get glitchy and is balanced when it comes from being too big and small. This is my result. There are also free LCD density changers in the market but you need root.

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  5. ccody47

    ccody47 Lurker

    If you have any root file explorer you can go into /root/system, longpress the build.prop file, and select the option to edit text. Then scroll down and look for the line "ro.sf.lcd_density=240", edit the number to one of your choosing (I use 200) and save the file. Reboot after to apply the new value. Be sure to back up the build.prop first to be on the safe side.
  6. Jawshewah

    Jawshewah Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks <3
  7. Prey521

    Prey521 Android Enthusiast

    My only issue with modding the density is that it tends to throw the Market out of wack and not show you apps because it thinks that it wasn't made for your phone, so I tend to leave it as is.
  8. ccody47

    ccody47 Lurker

    [MODv2] Google Play Store v3.5.19 + MOD - xda-developers

    Modded Play store that eliminates that issue.

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