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LCD for a Samsung Stratosphere

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by MrDangerous, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. MrDangerous

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    May 21, 2010

    May 21, 2010
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Looking for a place to get a cheap screen for a Stratosphere. I don't really want to spend $150 when I can buy a used one for about $99. I also don't really want to buy a "bad ESN" phone on Ebay because of the likelyhood of it being stolen.

    I found a screen for $69 from a chinese site but there were no reviews on the seller at all. So was just checking with the community to see if they have any places they've used with good prices. Since this is a SuperAMOLED screen, it is bonded to the glass and more expensive.

    I'll take you through the story since there actually is a story behind this.

    My wife and I were shopping at a Walmart. We get a call from her aunt saying she was in town and wanted to know if we wanted to have dinner with her. Unfortunately we really couldn't spare the money to go eat so we politely declined. (She only lives about 45 minutes away so not like she flew in or something)

    Fast forward 1.5 hours later we were almost done with our shopping and the manager approaches us and says "I don't mean to alarm you but there was a small fire in the back of the store. It's out now, but we'd like to get the customers to the front of the store until the fire department says it is 100% safe."

    So we go to the front and another manager is there and says "That everyone can go back to shopping"

    We head back and are approached by 3 policemen who say everyone has to exit the store immediately.

    My wife starts to walk out and leave the cart and I said "I don't want to have to repeat our shopping trip, lets put a note on the cart saying we'll be back, please don't put it away"

    She gets out her note pad and writes the note and hands it to me.

    The notepad shifts in her hand and she tries to get a better grip and her Stratosphere crash lands face down onto the concrete shattering the screen and it going completely black.

    We wait in the car for 20 minutes and then a customer comes up to us and says "The manager just said the store is going to be closed for the next few hours" Crap, broken phone, wasted shopping trip. We should have just gone to eat with her aunt. Would have saved us time and money.

    We don't have insurance on this phone since I not thinking about how the AMOLED screens are bonded together told her it would be cheaper to replace the screen anyway. So it has to be fixed or cheaply replaced. I've temporarily migrated her to my old Fascinate running AOKP.

    So any places for cheap Superamoled screens?


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