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ldriftas #2 to darkside bound bootloop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by metrohackz, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. metrohackz

    metrohackz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i was going to try out the darside bound rom to see if its slimmer then #2(no metro apps) after wiping everything i installed it it said it was successful.Although on the reboot it didnt loop but didnt start even after i fell asleep it was still booting i turned it off went back into recovery wiped everything again went to restore a backup and rebooted same boot screen i had from darkside no boot at all. Someone please help?!?!

    Edit:I seen bonefaces method of getting out of a bootloop so i tried flashing all img files from my backup to see if it would work. It flashed everything however i still boot to the same screen.

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  2. boneface

    boneface Android Enthusiast

    try doing a factory reset before booting up...also you may want to use ldriftas cust flasher .
  3. metrohackz

    metrohackz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No luck it stayed on the boot screen. What could have made it do this?
  4. boneface

    boneface Android Enthusiast

    Can you get into recovery?
  5. metrohackz

    metrohackz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  6. metrohackz

    metrohackz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  7. boneface

    boneface Android Enthusiast

    nonononono...Are you saying you tried to install all your image files to your recovery partition thru fastboot?? im surprised your phone even turns on at all after that.
    anyway..the only two things i can think of is this:
    1. You still have CWM recovery..thats good.
    2. You have the bootanimation loading from your cust partition..this is good.

    so with that..(and im just guessing..kinda..) that your boot.img or system.img is screwed.
    either that, or youre not restoring the backup from the link i gave you right.
    With that backup folder on your external sd card/clockworkmod/backups folder..
    go into recovery/
    backup and restore/
    advanced backup and restore from external sdcard
    select the folder that you put in there
    restore the boot.img only then reboot. wait at LEAST 5 minutes after every reboot.
    if it still doesnt boot, repeat the process but instead, flash system instead of boot.img

    i really dont know what else you can do after that.
  8. killcmd

    killcmd Well-Known Member

    Probably missing some files in System. That's why it usually happens or something didn't stick. Any way I updated the ROM and you have to do the Factory Wipe. It works out better that way.
  9. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger

    did you try just re flashing #2 rom?

    o yeah i just noticed yuor "reason for editing" you renamed every img file to recovery and flashed ??? ooo you crazy mann haha gotta restore the proper partitions to where they belong.. something doesn't sound right here...
  10. metrohackz

    metrohackz Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Alright ill go step by step from the time i flashed darkside 1.i wiped everything flashed the rom. 2.it didnt boot after a nights rest so i nanroid restored. 3.restore didnt boot stayed on darkside bootscreen. 4.reflashed #2 back and no fix. 5.desperation mode dlashed all the img files and nothing still boots into recovery and bootloops.
  11. LDrifta

    LDrifta No Stranger 2 Danger

    ok well as this device is still kinda new to me my best suggestion would be to bring it to metro, tell them you hooked up the charger and it rebooted all on its own, and it wont get past boot screen..

    they wont be able to tell if it's rooted or not as long as it dont go past the boot animation, just be sure it's the stock boot animation before hand.. you should have a 1 year warranty regardless if you payed for one or not

    hopefully they'll replace it for ya maybe pay like 10-30 dollars but you'll have a new one :D

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