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Since I just got this zte warp a few days ago and I probably wont activate it till maybe next week until I've worked down all my minutes left on my net 10 phone. this gives me a good opportunity to play with it via wii fi and such to get a better handle on how these smart phones work.

am I smarter than a 5th grader ....yes...but right now I think this phone is smarter than me :)

I've got a few thing figured out already..or at least I think I do.....

Maybe someday when its off warrenty I may look int rooting but right now I'll stick with it as is.

1. If I understand some at the moment there are no upgrades of the operating system?

2. Are most apps through this google play site or can you find them elsewhere?

I did replace the 2 gig sd with a 32 gig......

what does appear nice is that I can eventually store my contacts on my sd card...right now I am going to have to manually transfer all my contact from my net 10 phone. There is no way to transfer from that phone.
Its got a sim card but no sd.

My son helped me get my 1 ringtone I love (the red phone ring from the Our Man Flint Movies.......how many remember those classics :)

We created a folder called Ringtones on the SD card and copied it to there. It apparently works. I'm wondering if you can add other tones to the notification tones not just for ring tones.


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No there aren't any updates currently.

All apps comes from the Play Store you can also download apps using Aptoide and others.

I have only tried the Ringtones folder, I'm not sure about the notification tones.

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There are ringtone and notification tones you can download from the play store also.

Check out zedge. They have both on there you might find something you like. I used to use it for all my tones but I haven't in a while. Hope this helps!


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Is it possible to add tones to the notifications such as if an email shows up or a text message.

I gather I may be able to assign an individual contact a specific ringtone but Im talking just for a general message or text from possibly a new caller not yet in contacts
Yes you can assign ringtones for individual contacts. Just go to whatever contact you want to change the ringtone for and hit menu>options then there should be a option to change the ringtone. I don't think it will change the sms tone though, just the ringtone when they call.