Accessories Leather horizontal holster that will fit DI with Silicon Protective Cover


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I need a horizontal leather holster that will fit the Incredible with VZ's silicon protective cover. Any suggestions? Anyone have experience with the ones offered on VZ's site? Thanks
I have the one from VZW, ordered both it and the silicone case with my pre-order. The fit is a little snug, but I like that. It makes sure it won't accidentally slip out of the holster. However, it's not too tight that it's difficult to remove when needed.


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I have the horizontal leather hoster vzw is selling (think it was $16.95) and I am fairly certain it would work w/ the silicon case, but it is a POS.

Mine is pretty much toast after 3 weeks of very light use.

I have switched back to my BB holder until my innocase gets here.


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I have this one that I got for $3.54 a while ago and it fits with the silicone case.

Leather Case for LG VX10000 Voyager, Black

(Also, lol seidio)

I wish they'd have a sale like this again. This was on 10/3/09.
Name                    Code                               Qty   Each  Options
Leather Case for LG     CLGE10000LC2                         1   5.99
VX10000 Voyager, Black
                                                     Subtotal   5.99
                                     Coupon discount (ep5off)  -5.00
                                                     Subtotal   0.99
                                                     Shipping   2.55
                                                          Tax   0.00
                                                        Total   3.54


Best Buy has a really nice Eddie Bauer leather case that the Inc fits very well in with a Silicone Case :)

Eddie Bauer - Case for Most Mobile Phones - Black - EBUDY44-BLK