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Leaving iPhone 4S for The Note

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wayneholbrook, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    I use two iPhones. One is for work and one is for personal. I always enjoyed them both becasue they sync real well with all my other Mac's and iCLoud.

    The issue is now I am bored senseless with having two iPhones. So I am deciding between the Lumia 900 and the Note. I wont lie, Im scared to death trying something new and having to learn to sync everything and get everything working properly. I am more than likely going to use the Note for business and my iPhone for personal.

    Any advise from any any former iPhone users out there to make this as painless as possible. Keep in mind I'm still using my iMac and Mabook Pro.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    Post #26 by ryandelman, May 1, 2012 (1 points)

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  3. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    The note is an incredible phone.....especially for business. You're not going to get the same kind of sync you get with the iPhone(at least not the way apple does it). Of course you can sync all of your google accounts with the phone, its just that google doesn't have a cloud service at the moment. When I say that, I mean an all in one cloud. There is music, mail, picassa, and so on. You'll even be able to sync your iTunes with specific apps. As far as I'm concerned, android is an amazing os. It may take a little bit of getting used to, but I think you'll be glad you did it. Ask anyone that went from ios to android and they'll tell you it was a great move(I'm sure there are a few that would disagree..boo). I think what people struggle with is getting past the iPhone hype. They're both great OS's in there own way....android is just better. :D
  4. flmgrip

    flmgrip Newbie

    well said, and generally speaking iOS is way behind (remember how long it took them to copy and paste?)... i just switched a few days ago, i'm still struggling, especially with the syncing, but here are a few reasons i will never look back:

    4G LTE, exchangable battery, bigger screen, free (app) market, swype, widgets and did i mention bigger screen? (i'm sure there are many more reasons, but this real quick...)

    the iphone is way overhyped and i got stuck in the hype for a while, i'm glad i'm out...:D
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  5. Mide

    Mide Guest

    I just switched over to the Note from my iPhone 4s.

    Pros of updating
    Screen is really nice to read like Engadget and such
    I own more Android apps.

    The Note has a lag that is getting pretty annoying. Hopefully it will be patched in the future but you never know with Samsung
  6. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    As far as the lag goes, a hard reset seams to fix it. It was actually bothering me to the point where I almost returned it. I had a couple days of buyer's remorse. Since the hard reset, I've had no issue with lag at all. You unfortunately will have to start from scratch if you do this, but well worth it(at least for me it was). I had the s2 for a couple weeks and that thing was like butter. I no longer miss it! As a matter of fact, I took a ride to the At&t store today just to play around and to see if the other screens looked too small now. They did! Especially the iphone. It's amazing how quick you become accustomed to the size. I got a sneak peek of the note the day before release and I laughed in the clerks face! I asked him if it was joke. Now I own one. The clerk said who's laughing now when I bought it. Lol. :D
  7. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Do you think you can avoid the lag by doing the hard re-set once out of the box before setting it up so you don't have to start all over again?
  8. DaddyWhale

    DaddyWhale Newbie

    I would suggest that you consider using the iPhone for business and the Note for personal. People at the office look at me funny when they see my Note (I'm a partner in a NYC private equity company - people are pretty traditional around here...). In the subway I get compliments.
  9. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    I think that's your best bet. There are a few threads dedicated to this topic. There are a bunch of complaints. The reset seems to work for most. I think in the future, I'll do a hard reset on any new phone. It can't hurt.
  10. You will want to change your Note to personal and iphone to business ;-)
  11. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Your the 2nd person to say this. Why?

    I would have thought to use the Note as business because it's so damn big and easy to deal with emails and the web. Maybe I need to re-think it as you guys are stating
  12. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    In my opinion, there is SOOOO much fun to be had while playing with the Note that while it may be fabulous at handling your business, it would be a shame to miss out on all of the amazing fun to be had using the Note.
    It is a multi-dimensional phone with many capabilities.
  13. Mide

    Mide Guest

    Did you pull this off by doing the "Factory Data Reset" or did you hold down various buttons on bootup? If the former I already did it and yeah still laggy.

    Engadget, Twitter apps as well as doing the whole pinch to zoom on the main screen to show all of the home pages. I'm seeing lag everywhere.
  14. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    Factory data hard reset from within the settings menu.

    It will wipe everything.


  15. I would say the iphone is easier to deal with software wise... This does have some bugs to be worked out (ICS I hope) but it still does have so much more to offer imo.
  16. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    I did the latter, but that hasn't worked for everyone. There seems to be a few issues out there that are only resolved by exchanging the phone for a new one(unfortunately). I've read about lag, overheating, back clipping, and so on. I only had minor lag, but it drove me nuts. Even though the reset worked for me, I still have to occasionally clear the cache and the ram when I notice a glitch here and there(not lag). I'm hoping the ics update will address these issues. As far as personal or business use.....totally your choice, but i see everyone's point. You definitely don't want to under utilize this phone.
  17. caryrae73

    caryrae73 Member

    Is there any easy way to restore all the apps? I did not root my phone or have a memory card, so would you basically have to install them again one by one?
  18. 05GT

    05GT Member

    I sold my 4s on eBay and changed over to the Note as my primary phone. I'm happy of course until the next batch of super phones is released.
  19. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    I didn't, but I believe there's an app for that. You can save a file to the SD card, but I've heard mixed reviews. I moved all the apps I could to the SD and it wiped them out on the reset. I didn't try the app(back up pro I believe). Some people have claimed it works, but the apps become a copy of the apk so it doesn't show them installed in the market...hence no updates. Check it out though....might work for you.

    Edit: just saw that you don't have a SD card. Not sure if it would work on the internal SD. Would probably wipe it out on the reset. You could always save the file to your computer and install from there.
  20. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there an easy way of transferring media and all my music from iTunes to the note? I'm using an iMac and I wanted to plug the note into the Mac and hoping for a drag and drop. Does this exist?
  21. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    Absolutely....that's what I did. I then decide to merge my iTunes with google music. I ended up erasing all the songs off my SD card but if that's the way you want to go, it's easy. You can either put the SD card in the PC or plug the note in. You wanna go into your music or media folder on the computer and then drag and drop to the SD card. You don't do it from your iTunes account. You can also download an app and sync to your iTunes account(doubletwist and such). There's definitely some options.

    Edit: this is how you would do it from a PC. I'm assuming it would be similar on a Mac.

  22. Would this be work related music / media?? =p

    Let us know which phone you decide to use for personal.
  23. rz22g

    rz22g Well-Known Member

    Yes... don't do it. All the pros (hype) about an open OS, customizing and "true" multitasking quickly wear off when you see how poorly the OS actually performs.

    In the two weeks I have had my Note I have run into more issues than I did in 4 years of having each iPhone model and I have done very little with the Note in comparison to what I use to do daily with the iPhone.
  24. aggie87

    aggie87 Newbie

    What specific issues did you have? For me, it's been a good experience.
  25. chriskwarren

    chriskwarren Newbie

    I moved from the 4S to the Note and besides from a couple of apps that were available on the 4S, I don't miss it one bit.
  26. DaddyWhale

    DaddyWhale Newbie

    I'm a former iPhone guy, too. The switch is sometimes frustrating. But for _me_ it's been worthwhile. Why?

    1. Apps that don't have to be blessed by Apple. Examples include: wifi tethering without signing up to an AT&T plan; 2. 2. Flexibility to use other web browsers as default; playing different audio and video formats; flash
    3. Apps are allowed to use the full potential of the device, like ardware acceleration
    4. True multitasking
    5. More choice in terms of hardware that suit your particular needs
    6. Wonderful (for me) form factor of the Note
    7. Rooting (which is sometimes useful) is easier than jailbreaking
    8. Etc, etc

    On the downside are the standard complaints about Android:
    a. Flexibility means you need to make decisions like how to back up, and with which app
    b. Takes longer for OS updates to trickle down to all the various handsets and cell service providers
    c. Compatibility issues between hardware and apps

    For me the switch has been well worth it!
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  27. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    This is a near complete summary of major surface-level differences between iOS and Android, and it's put in a way that explains how subjective a decision this is without coming equipped with a biased slant.

    I wish everyone on this and other similar forums was so non-venomous while still managing to be informative in their reviews.

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