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Leaving iPhone behind... stuck between two Androids

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by CuriousConsumer, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. CuriousConsumer

    Thread Starter

    Hey Gang,

    I'm finally leaving the iPhone behind (due to need for storage, at&t's horrible coverage, tethering and overall customization) and was pretty darn set on getting the Droid X from Verizon until I learned about the Droid Incredible HD from HTC (possible Nov 23rd). It sounds like it's pretty much the EVO for Verizon.

    If you could have the Evo on Verizon - would anyone choose the Droid X over it, right now?


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  2. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Yes. I've used my friend's X and honestly, I wasn't that impressed. Moto, and really every other android handset maker out there for that matter, has yet to to match HTC's Sense UI as far as smoothness goes.
  3. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    The Droid X is a good phone but as far as looks i think thats the area motorola can improve on but to answer your question, i would take the EVO over the Droid X.
  4. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I'm following the DINC HD as well and I can upgrade at any time. I'm waiting on the HD because I think it's gonna be THAT much better than the Droid X.

    The Fascinate is Verizon's best phone at the moment (IMO) and wile the screen is fantastic, I think it is going to have a rather short life at the top.

    LTE is not going to be available in all areas when it's introduced and while I think the dual core Tegra 2 phone will be very nice, I think it will have that first gen type of feel. It may start a new wave...but it will be topped within 4-6 months.

    One more thought...The DINC HD will sport better specs than the EVO (minus 4G) so it is going to be a step up in hardware from that. Just hang tight as more info will be out soon.
  5. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    To further expand on this, the Evo 4G is actually based on the Desire (despite the larger screen). The base model, the Nexus One, led to the Desire, Evo, Incredible, and possibly a few other devices.

    The Incredible HD is based off the Desire HD. So, what are the differences? The Desire HD uses the new Snapdragon 8x55, as opposed to the old 8x50. While still 1ghz, and essentially the same CPU, the new model is made on the 45nm process. This means less heat, higher overclocking headroom, and most importantly, MUCH better battery efficiency. Also, the new 8x55 uses the Adreno 205 GPU, which despite the incremental numbering change over the old 200, is actually a much more competent GPU. It's on par with or slightly better than the SGX 530 used in the Motorola Droids. It's still no SGX 540 (Galaxy S) though.

    Also, the screen used on the Evo was a 16-bit LCD. The SLCD HTC uses now is 18-bit. Despite the difference of "only" 2 bits, the difference is roughly 65k colors (16-bit) to 262k (18-bit), which makes an appreciable difference. Still, videophiles will still gravitate to the Moto phones which use true 24-bit panels.

    So, Incredible HD or Droid X? The Incredible will have a CPU that is 5% faster, a slightly faster GPU, comparable battery efficiency (on the CPU), a lesser screen, and a much better UI (if you like Sense). Hopefully they didn't tweak the SLCD to be over-saturated as they did on the Desire-like devices, or that's going to further kill the battery.

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