Root Leaving the admire


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Well I just got the attain today. Gonna add a few more tweaks to oxygen and that will be it for me. Sorry guys.


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I'm actually a bit hurt on the inside cause development really starting kicking off for the admire now I gotta start from scratch without a cwm, lol. At least we have root though


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This attain is nice, the only thing I don't like is that it has the same size screen as the admire so I would suppose its mdpi

Im down to help with anything on that phone as far as roms and cwm. Im thinking of getting one sometime in the next few months.


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Wow that sucks.

I was hoping that we would be surprised with a new Monster 5++ (I know I can just theme Stock ++ with M4)

Anyhow man, sucks to see you go. You did great work.


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Congrats genovdot, so you finally got your parole from the Admire Prison.
I want to thank you for all you've put into helping us make the admire a much better phone than when we first bought it.

I hope you'll drop in every once in awhile to see how things are running. No one can question the fact that you and a select handful of devs, themers and modders have made it so that we can feel comfortable with this device. But for me even more important was that you've helped to fill a void in time each day with ever changing themes, roms, and mods for me to install and play with, making my days go much faster. Once again Thank You,