Nov 17, 2012
London UK.
Hi all. l was just wondering if leaving my phone (Gaxaly S3) on charge all night, after the the led has turned green, damages the phone or battery in any way, or does the charger switch to tricle mode or something?

No problem in doing that. Once the phone reaches 100%, it won't draw any current until the battery goes down by a reasonable amount. I leave mine on charge overnight too.
There's a really cool app called Battery Monitor Widget in the play store. Here's a screenshot of HISTORY log of my battery for a period of time. You can follow along as it gets charged starting from the bottom and working your way up.

There's a percentage column as well as a mV column, battery temperature, and the one that I'd most want to point out to you is the current being drawn (mA). As you can see, as it approaches 100%, the current starts to drop, and once at 100%, it draws like 1 mA until unplugged.