May 22, 2011
i recently purchased the g2x after owning the my touch 3g. one of the great features about the my touch was the notification light on the top of the phone that would let you know if you missed a call, txt message, email, etc... does anybody know if the g2x has the same feature?
No, unfortunately the phone does not have notification light.

However the two most common solutions to this problem are:

LG O2X Touch LED Notifications

It makes the four capacitive buttons light and pulsate to your liking.



This flashes buttons of your liking, of your color choice, on the screen until turned off.
and this is an app on the android market? if so, im not seeing one called market link

lol, it's not called "market link," that's just the link I provided for you.

Click on the two links above ("market link") to be sent to the market website.
the early versions of the O2x one didnt work for me, I just knew it was a matter of time before martin got all the kinks out and now it works flawlessly
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