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Is there anyway to change led settings for texts or notifications in general? Thanks :cool:


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Not yet that I know of. I've tried 2 3rd party sms apps (GO and Handcent give options to change the LED color) and neither have this ability. If your into rooting give it a little time and you might see it :)


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i just got bionic yesterday and up till now, was not sure there even was a led. but after installing handcent (my favorite sms app) i went to settings and set led color to blue and lo and behold. the led is blue (only when screen is off) so handcent will change the color (tried a couple more and they worked also)


All Android system notifications (or any apps that use them) have only one standard color. Some other apps send notifications independently and can have different colors (Trillian works this way).

The only way to change colors for each app is through 3rd party apps. Lightflow has this capability but I haven't fully tested it.


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My sound notifications for emails have stopped working?

Was working fine for first 2 days and today no LED or sound notifications?

Anyone else experience this?

I have not changed any settings