Root Leedroid GB, Froyo, or something else?


Hi all,

I am after a little advice from the knowledgeable people here. I have a rooted desire with fat32 and 1gig EXT3 partition. I am using Leedroid's HD V3.3.3 R5 rom at the moment and it is a good rom.........However a few things seem a bit laggy and overall, the rom seems quite slow. Is this because I am using a newer rom on an older phone, and if so would I be better off going back to Leedroid's Froyo v2.5.0 final?

What would I be missing by going back to Froyo, If you think this is a bad idea what other rom do you needs to be stable with everything working...........I quite like sense and it's widgets, but could do without at a push as I do have Launcher pro plus somewhere and could use that to make the phone more 'sense' like.

Sorry for so many questions and so much waffle, but would like to get it right after trying so many 'ok' roms.

Thanks again for all your help on here past and present.



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If you want speed, then go for an AOSP ROM. Something like, Oxygen, Redux. Or even SUroots, dGB - I'm tempted myself...
I do not miss sense one little bit!


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like rowlers suggested, ASOP is the way to go for speed...I myself am on GingerVillian 2.8 and thats pretty damn fast...and best bit...NO SENSE! lol

seriously...I don't miss it at all...not even a tiny bit...oh wait...I do miss.....NOTHING! lol :D sorry :p