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Leelbox MXQ PRO - how to override pre-loaded Netflix version?

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by bleviton, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Just got this Leelbox MXQ PRO (max S) as a gift and have been trying to tweak it.

    I wasn't happy with the Netflix UI (not friendly to remote/wireless mini keyboard). So I uninstalled the old version of Netflix (4.16.1) that had come preloaded, and installed the latest (6.22 at the time). That worked and gave me a UI that I was happier with. But after shutting down and restarting the box (properly, using the remote), the box reverted back to the preloaded version. I confirmed this will happen every time by repeating the upgrade.

    Diving deeper, I see there is a folder under OEM called "bundled_uninstall_back-app", which contains the pre-loaded apks, including Netflix. I wonder if I can solve this by simply deleting the Netflix folder and apk there (or replace the apk with a newer version, named the same), or if that would make the box un-bootable?

    Also, note the box came rooted, which prevents some apps from running or displaying video (including supposedly the newer versions of Netflix?).

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    Hi bleviton,

    Yes. You may replace the file in there. I have just made mine work now to not reinstall the old v4 version.

    I moved the Netflix.apk to another folder and the other version I have I moved into this bundled_uninstall_back-app folder and renamed it to Netflix.apk.

    Then I installed it.

    I tested a restart and also a turn-off-wait-20seconds-then-turn-on and the Netflix stayed as the version I have. No need to uninstall-v4-reinstall-new-version-relogin anymore.
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