Legit? Application (Mind Games) Suspicous location (GoogleDrive) + a Mystery Screen Recorder? Help!


One day, the app "Mind Games" appears.

I notice what looks like a screen caster that is bright orange that I've never seen before or since.
In Google Drive, a particular file has duplicated itself. When I open the copied pdf, the application Mind Games opens.
The mystery cast stays.
I notice that recent searches have the word "password". "Make Passwords Visible" is my least favorite of all.
So, I Uninstal the app, do a restart, open Drive and find the file in its singular original form. I open it and it and nothing unordinary happens whatsoever.

The orange cast is gone and all seems well.
But, why? Please tell me why! Because I have had the same stalker for 11 years so I'm always a little on edge. Besides, it's driving me nuts!

PS, the last image is my finger somehow drawing those blue dots and line - in my search area.



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DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
ok so nothing that you showed us with those screenshots screams that you are hacked or have a virus or anything like that. did you download any apps or games recently? sometimes you can download an app and it will automatically download other apps unaware to you. if it pops back or if another app randomly appears then you have some sort of adware on your phone. you will need to go back and uninstall apps one by one until it stops.

best way is to start with the most recent and work your way backwards. and the best way to ensure a clean uninstall is to wipe data, and cache for the app and then uninstall it. sometimes the data and cache will remain on the phone even if the app has been uninstalled. the adware can hide in these folders so it is best to delete them first before uninstalling the app.