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Lendable [free app]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by koopaking3, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Lendable is an app I recently finished developing for Android. It keeps track of lent and borrowed items and money so that you never forget about them again. There are a few apps like it on Google Play, but if you check them out I think you'll agree that Lendable is far and above the best one out there. I've known so many people that lend stuff out and never get it back. Lendable is the perfect quick and simple app to make sure that never happens again. Check out the app on Google Play (link provided) to see all of the features. Thanks for your consideration!


    Check out the app's blog: lendable.blogspot.com

    -Lend and borrow items and money
    -View all currently lent items/money and how long they've been out
    -Edit current entries
    -Set entries as recurring for any amount of time
    -Scan an item's barcode for easy entry
    -Select borrower/lender from your contacts
    -Take pictures of items or people when you create entries
    -Write a note for each entry
    -Personal reminder notifications
    -SMS reminders to the borrower
    -Repeating late reminders
    -Add entries to your device's calendar
    -A library of all the items you've ever lent or borrowed
    -Set default currency or create your own
    -Export data to CSV



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