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Lenovo phab plus bought from China and not supporting google app store, google services Google Map

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by faisalsaleem, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. faisalsaleem

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    Dear All,

    I bought Lenovo pha plus ( ROM versionis PB1-770N_S000101_160701_PRC ). It has only LenovoStore (in Chinese) to download the apps which really sucks [​IMG]. It dont have pre-installed any google app. I badly need these google apps because without google maps the mobile is really useless. I have been tried these methods already:

    1. Cleared cache in google app store etc and restart mobile.

    2. Tried different versions of google app store and google play services.

    3. Tried gapps also

    Note: For some reason i dont want to root the mobile because firstly i am noob, secondly on the root mobiles our office attendance app dont work.

  2. mikedt

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    Think you might have to flash an international ROM for it, if that's possible, or at least root it, and see about loading an appropriate Gapps package as root, again if that's possible. Gapps will NOT install and work unless it's rooted, that's it.

    Can you read Chinese, it might help with getting this device sorted, for reading Chinese forums etc. Unfortunately at the moment, can't find any good information for it, that might help. Presumably it's a brand new tablet, and is only available in China so far.
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  3. faisalsaleem

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  4. faisalsaleem

    faisalsaleem Lurker
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    Can you tell me from where i can get the ROW Rom?

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