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Let Down..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kstrass24, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    I'm through messing with this phone.

    I am having the exact same issues with the wifi. I will connect...it will say connected to ickster. I'll go to the internet or market or click a link fine the first 3 or 4 times. Then eventually, I'll lose my connection. It will show me the screen that says data connection lost. But the wifi icon is there. When I go to settings, the wifi is checked, but it doesn't say connected to ickster. Turning it on and off fixes it....until it goes out again. I can duplicate this consistently. This while my sons Indulge,our 2 laptops and my daughters G2X will be working fine....side by side. And the tmobile connection is sparodic at best as well.

    This phone also has the worst screen bleed of the four. I feel bad now for dogging people who complained about this. When I put phone #3 and #4 side by side, this new one has noticably worse colors...esp noticable on the whites. The whites on #3 are clearly and obviously whiter. I'm thinking it's 'cause of the excess light on the screen from the "bleed"? I don't jnow, but it really is obvious.
    I have not seen any booting or reception issues yet.

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  2. jree

    jree Android Enthusiast

    I'm really curious where you heard that the Sensation is not rootable. Ive been wanting to get rid of my rooted Vibrant but the G2X was just too big of a disappointment for me to sign a new contract or get rid of all the work I put into my Samsung. Im trying to do final comparison on the 15th between the new batch(if you can call it that) of LGs and the Sensation. I havent been to XDA in a while so I haven't read any threads about them having trouble rooting it.
  3. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    I think I said that before HTC announced about unlocking the bootloaders. They've even announced that the Sensations will eventually be unlocked as well.

    But it does appear that the Sensation has serious reception issues as well. And I can't figure out if it has a wired video out or not.
  4. kefalo84

    kefalo84 Member

    Im having the same problem and its pissing me off!!
  5. LunchBB

    LunchBB Android Enthusiast

    I had G1, Clik, Nexus One, MyTouch 4G, now G2x. I can easily say G2x is the worst phone. Yeah, the spec shines. But the flaw in this phone makes it unusable. Can't wait to get Sensation 4g.

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