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Let's buy a developer!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sado1, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    We all should remember how we "bought" a Galaxy from kam for drakaz (as far as I remember, just in a half of a day!) when he needed one to continue the rom development for our device. Although he said he doesn't promise us anything at all, he managed to make nice 1.6 Galaxo for us and made huge work trying to port 2.1 to Galaxy, sadly he had to start almost from scratch with .29 kernel. Now he tries to port it on the new kernel, but still work goes slow as hell due to no help from the community and him having much less time to work on GAOSP. We're fortunate to have such a great dev like drakaz, but we're really unfortunate that there's no one to help him.

    So, an idea popped up there - if we can't help him by ourselves, maybe we could "buy" someone to help him? We could start a bounty (like, someone known and trusted (like kam or rastaman) makes a chipin, people send money and interested devs try making the job for us and when they finish, we can split the cash and send them, the more work one has done the more he would get) to port 2.1 (or better, 2.2 when sources come up). Well, we can talk about all the details here, I just try to write an general idea...

    Well, the question is how they could work if they don't have the Galaxies? I don't know for sure but got one thought. We probably (not sure yet) have an opportunity to get some free used Galaxies (won't provide details yet, the person I'm thinking about should know who to eventually contact... and I ask anyone knowing who I'm thinking about to not tell it yet cause I'm not sure yet if it's ok to the guy) and eventually provide them to the interested developers. We'll make sure they're not stolen or something, from the info that I have it's likely that it's all ok with the source but it's obvious we'd want to check it out. We could eventually think about buying some Galaxies if that would fail or something, I dunno, I'm waiting for ideas. Another thing is if we would trust the devs to send them the devices in advance (that pretty much disqualifies ones not known in the community), there probably would be more details to be settled...

    We've got so many things to arrange so I wouldn't try to rush for it, like starting chipin today, having $10000 in a week then not knowing what to do with the cash... I know this idea isn't perfect but I hope you'll help me to polish it.

  2. porga

    porga Well-Known Member

    Please start the pool about this issue. We can see who is interested and how much people are willing to pay (donate)...
  3. Yathushan

    Yathushan Well-Known Member

    I am definitely in because I feel this is the way to encourage many talented developers. However, we should make sure they are assisting in GAOSP not doing their own work because it could become anti-productive.
  4. dryhte

    dryhte Well-Known Member

    I'm in too, if we raise a bounty for GAOSP 2.1/2.2 completion. The focus should be, though: get all the drivers to work properly so we get a working vanilla Android installation.

    It makes no sense to pay people to build overclocking, new homescreens and ssl deamons into kernels while the phone's hardware features (Bluetooth, Camera, Wifi, Phone, Sensors, 3d acceleration, multitouch) aren't working/stable/optimized.
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  5. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    id happily chip in, id rather not be the one responsible for holding the project funds though as while im a trust worthy person etc. i dont want to have this responsibility.
  6. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me

    Pretty much the same for me, although I don't even know if people consider me trustworthy. I'm already busy as it is, and I have to clean this place.

    I'd contribute though.
  7. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    This could possibly work.. you can "buy" coders on rent-a-coder or some such.
    But I don't think it would be cheap. You would need to include people from Behold II
    and other Galaxy clones and work out the math before you actually start the donation
  8. tomas.splatch

    tomas.splatch Lurker

    I would gladly contribute...
  9. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I knew you'll say that. Probably we'll be able to contact kam easily on irc and he should be able to help us, when the time comes.

    Of course I meant they should contribute to GAOSP and that's what they should be paid for. And that's a good idea to make bounties for specific drivers, the harder it is to do, the more amount for the bounty would be.

    [edit]As for Behold 2 people which is the only "Galaxy clone" I'm aware, they're all running away from the phone and it would require someone to port the rom itself to the Behold 2 (could be done as another bounty, but we obviously wouldn't care about that as much as they would so we'd need to settle that out) And as for the place we would look for the coders, IMO it would make more sense to just ask in the Android community as there devs would know the system etc.
  10. porga

    porga Well-Known Member

    Maybe someone here knows someone from:


    If we are to find coder, that is the place. But I don't know if they are willing to develop for samsung galaxy.

    If there will be enough money, who knows.....

    Maybe to ask Cyanogen to assist drakaz for right money?
  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    didnt paul from modaco to a rom for galaxy ages ago?
    im sure he did but drakaz came out with galaxo and hit got overshadowed a little
    paul is a genious
  12. Stephen289

    Stephen289 Newbie

    I'm keen to chip in =]
  13. jjcobm

    jjcobm Newbie

    I'm up for this idea. I tried to help with GAOSP but even though I consider myself very literate with computers, that was something way out of my learning curve and can't spend time with it.

    There is a developer at xda named Ben Buchacher (username: bbuchacher). His roms are top notch and have always impressed me what he can do with the cyanogen base (he makes them quicker). He works in the xda dream section and I believe he might of helped cyanogen with porting eclair over to the dream/mytouch phones...



    It would be nice if we can get some devs to help in the i7500 section and help drakaz out...

    Let me know what you guys think...
  14. Snazzy

    Snazzy Android Enthusiast

    I can donate $20CDN.
  15. master darko

    master darko Newbie

    Sounds plausible. I'd be interested.

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  16. Mr.DNA

    Mr.DNA Well-Known Member

    I chipped in for the kam/drakaz phone and I would certainly chip in for this.

    I think we all agree that drakaz is the most trusted dev currently working on the project. Why don't we just ask him what his weekly salary is and when he can take his next week off from work? Then we can set a realistic monetary goal and actually employ him full-time (for a week at least).
  17. Yathushan

    Yathushan Well-Known Member

    So I guess its agreed that we will all chip in to do this.

    But first of all has anyone contacted drakaz about this and is one week enough? Also I was thinking bout two or three developers maybe more along the right lines to lower the stress and workload on drakaz?

    Any ideas?
  18. porga

    porga Well-Known Member

    No, that is not a way. Listen, we have GAOSP in advanced stage of development. So, whovever leaded buying process for drakaz before should contact him and say we are willing to collect. Drakaz must have some developer friends or contacts so he can invite them to help and pay for their time. Maybe even call musty? This way drakaz can be project manager and we all are investors. We can discuss later if others shiuld pay certan symbolic amount of money for the final ROM. What do you think?
  19. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It's obvious that we need to contact drakaz before we'll collect the money, that's why I wrote we shouldn't rush with the chipin. We're in the ideas stage, we really don't know how should we use the cash yet. I'll try to catch him soon, tell him about our plans and ask if he would have any ideas. And we're unable to contact musty since he disappeared...
  20. jjcobm

    jjcobm Newbie

    Ok sounds good, will wait on the reply from drakaz...
  21. Yathushan

    Yathushan Well-Known Member

  22. vanderlej

    vanderlej Newbie

    I would donate too.
  23. FadeFx

    FadeFx Well-Known Member

    this could get difficult since gaosp project is open source, i dont actually know if this whould be allowed by the appache licence...

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