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Lets us peek at your Screens!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NSXLA, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Android Expert

    the very first post on the first page of this thread. http://androidforums.com/htc-evo-4g/91853-lets-us-peek-your-screens.html

    go to market download launcher pro - press the home button on your phone and it will ask you if you want to use sense(stock) or launcher pro. select launcher pro, check the box if you want to keep launcher pro as your home screen, but check it out first i guess.

    go to market and download folder organizer lite - use this to change icons.

    read the first post of this thread that i linked you to, get started a little and then come back with some more questions.

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  2. The SPCS Guy

    The SPCS Guy Member

    Would love this too...
  3. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Android Expert

    that was a little bit of work to find what you were asking about.. from the beginning of june.. lol

    its slidescreen
  4. Rdot9

    Rdot9 Member

    I know this wallpaper is used by like 23534263524 people.... but its just so awesome i had to use it :D
    Running Fresh 3.2 with Manup's REVOlution theme
    Screens: lock screen then left to right...
  5. Anti_Social

    Anti_Social Newbie


    Do I have to be rooted to get the music mod widget to appear like this?
  6. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    My latest


    Black & Blue Swype keyboard
  7. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    Where did you get the modified version of Swype? I like it. :D
  8. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    I pulled the apk off the Intarwebz.
  9. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    That was helpful? Just don't respond if you don't want to share...sheesh.
  10. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    Sharing Swype on the forums is prohibited.
  11. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    Glad you said it since he's ignorant to the rules.
  12. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    I would understand that if it was a paid app and would completely agree? I wasn't asking to post the apk on the site, just a link. I'm not wanting to access an app that is paid for.

    How is providing a link to a site any different than providing a link for something that is free on the market or a QR code? Not trying to be smart, just want to understand.

    And once again, Putty...your comments don't help?

    EDIT: After reviewing the rules again, I'm assuming that this falls under Putty having illegal/pirated software on his phone?
  13. marriedman624

    marriedman624 Member

    Problem is that Swype is not in the marketplace. You can only get it from the swype website.

    And even at that you can only get the unmodded version there. So, if he were to post the link to the modded version, it would not direct you the the market and therefore is not allowed to be posted in the forums.
  14. Complex757

    Complex757 Android Enthusiast

    It's Jorte, I have that same transparent one.
  15. Putty

    Putty Android Expert

    Dude, I don't care if my comments aren't helping you. I am following the rules. I've posted links before and got PMs from mods telling me not to.
  16. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    Swype is currently in a closed beta and it is a copyright protected app. Sharing an apk or a link detailing on how to obtain Swype is against forum rules. Modded or unmodded. It doesn't matter what a user does with their phone, that's irrelevant and out of our control. It's the idea of sharing illegal/pirated software that we're trying to tackle and put a stop to.
  17. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    I agree and understand now. Not trying to break rules. Just don't like how Putty handled it....could've handled in a more mature manner. Moving on now. :D
  18. Rdot9

    Rdot9 Member

    yeah i have jorte i just cant seem to get it to be completely transparent like that :thinking:
  19. Brian360

    Brian360 Android Enthusiast

    Altered a monster logo and put some HTC stuff in it, feel free to use it! Looks great with TAJM and BattStatt

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  20. brushrop03

    brushrop03 Android Enthusiast

    Wallpaper? Where? How? I neeeeed it
  21. Jgrand03

    Jgrand03 Member

    Got bored with the iphone-esque theme too cluttered for me. Went back to simple and monotone (clean)


    Rom- CM6
    Theme- Manups (http://digitalstylewars.com/themes/htc-evo-4g/revolution-1-2r2)
    Icons- Reflective Text (http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=text icons&order=9&offset=0&offset=48#/dkt9d4)
    Wallpaper- Elephant Skin (http://digitalstylewars.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/cb_scaleysmooth_nobadge_1680x1050-copy.jpg)
    Widgets- Smooth Calendar, Analog clock from Manups theme, BattStatt, DigiClock Widget
    Dock shortcuts made using Smart Shortcuts
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  22. newone757

    newone757 Android Enthusiast

    stretched 4 rows high using launcher pro plus. ADW might be able to as well

    clock is defualt from manup's revolution theme

    dock icons are from here

    JackieTran's Gallery
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