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Lets us peek at your Screens!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NSXLA, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    I'm giving Go Launcher a spin! Seems very similar to Launcher Pro in some ways, but also different...might be a little faster? I gave up on Zeam Launcher. It's pretty speedy and not a bad Launcher....just annoyed I couldn't change the icons in the dock.


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  2. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    MissJennell...I know this is over a week old, but do you mind sharing the wallpaper? Thanks. :D

    Sorry...I didn't respond...I see others did for me. Thanks. Wish this site would consistently send me my emails when this thread is updated? :thinking:
  3. MissJennell

    MissJennell Android Enthusiast


    If you subscribe to the thread it will send you an email when another post is posted.
  4. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the pic! :D

    And I do subscribe to this thread and am supposed to receive emails, but it goes through periods where I don't receive any. I got your response in an email, but before that it has probably been a week or two since I got an email generated by this thread? :thinking:
  5. MissJennell

    MissJennell Android Enthusiast

    That's weird. Do you have it set up to just recieve emails once a week or with each new post?
  6. skullshank

    skullshank Member


    Go launcher EX
    LP dock
    homemade text dock icons
    minimalistic text
    circle battery
  7. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    I know...I'm supposed to get instant notification. It seems once I come and look at the thread, it will get it working again. Guess the forum/thread gets mad if I don't come in here after a period of time, lol.
  8. mecampo

    mecampo Well-Known Member

    GO Launcher Ex
    Minimalistic Text
  9. beenz

    beenz Android Enthusiast

    It will only send you an email for the most recent reply. Then once you log on to the thread again, you will get another email once there is another reply.
  10. chocmatic

    chocmatic Well-Known Member

    Current setup

  11. TeamTJ

    TeamTJ Member

    Here's Mine!

  12. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    That doesn't make sense? I should get an email when someone replies to this thread. Once I open that email and click the link, if someone replies again, I should get another email. This doesn't always happen. It goes through spurts. I'm getting emails again, but wasn't for the last week or two.

    Maybe that's what you said and I just read it wrong? Anyway, no big deal...just need to check this thread if I don't get an email after a couple days. :D
  13. beenz

    beenz Android Enthusiast

    We are agreeing on the same thing :)

    Maybe you weren't logged in when you clicked the link?
  14. TF1984

    TF1984 Android Enthusiast

    MIUI, Meizu M9 Theme



  15. angelkissez

    angelkissez Newbie

    Can you share your wallpaper please? Love it.
  16. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    angelkissez likes this.
  17. scudder

    scudder Android Expert

    I was NERVOUS about your comment "not being able to change the icons in the dock" but wanted to try Go Launcher. So I downloaded it and check around...and you CAN change the icons in the dock!! Long-press a dock icon and a pop-up will give you that option!

    Perhaps this is new in a recent update?? I JUST downloaded and tried the app...1/25 at 1030am!
  18. Thetaman

    Thetaman Android Enthusiast

    Go Launcher, yes you can change them! I might have typed incorrectly earlier, Zeam Launcher, you CANNOT change them.
  19. scudder

    scudder Android Expert

    ..or I misread. You mighta dangled your participle a bit too much:eek:

    I'm/we're clear now...I'm with ya!:D
  20. Knewz

    Knewz Android Expert

  21. axel f

    axel f Newbie

    Rooted + NinjaMorph! [HowTo][Theme] WarmTwoPointTwo [NinjaMorph] - xda-developers :D
  22. YaBoiD

    YaBoiD Android Enthusiast

    Could you please post the icons you're using in the dock? I've been looking for something like those for a while. TIA
  23. flipn0tic

    flipn0tic Member

    tsismis? you must be filipino. :cool:
  24. mecampo

    mecampo Well-Known Member

    yes i am and proud to be :) ... are you?

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