LF: Special Lock App


Sprint Galaxy S3 running JB no root

If anyone can help:

I would optimally like a lock app that uses a combination of buttons rather than the screen. Does such a thing exist? Free or pay is fine with me. If that doesn't exist, something that at least didn't show the pattern I was using would be helpful.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Shujin, and welcome to AF :)

Have you looked in your settings? Mine have a check box "use visible pattern" in the security settings - untick that and the pattern doesn't show. I am however using a different phone.


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I know third party lockscreen apps which let you unlock with a single key press, don't know any that let you specify a combination.

There aren't many buttons anyway, so it wouldn't allow many combinations - a lot of current models only have a volume rocker and a power key.