[LFA] Bandwidth Stats per AP


I'm looking for an app for my rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch with Android ICS 4.0.3 that will show bandwidth usage separated by access point name or MAC address and the standard separations (WiFi/3G/4G/App). I have found numerous that do the standards, but none that will log by AP name/MAC address. Maybe even general location (city level) or public IP address?


== AP ==
3G                                                40 KB
4G                                               500 MB
Home WiFi                                        6.3 GB
Friend's Home WiFi                               300 MB
Beans and Brews                                  1.0 GB
ER Free Wifi                                      50 KB
00:6B:00:17:1B:9A                                  1 KB

== App ==
Gmail                                            7.3 GB
Browser                                          1.6 GB

== Misc ==
West Valley                                      300 MB
Los Angeles                                      200 MB (not real, duh)                      500 MB

Mostly for curiosity. :D