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LFY 1.8 Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Seven Dogs, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Seven Dogs

    Seven Dogs Member
    Thread Starter

    I installed the 1.8 Halloween version of LFY. It is smooth and works great, but I have one issue with it. When I put my phone on vibrate it doesn't vibrate. I have messed with it and have just given up. Any help would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks

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  2. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Android Expert

    I'm also running LFY 1.8. After reading your post, I tested this by putting the phone on vibrate and calling it from my landline. Vibrate worked just like it should. How did you install? Did you wipe all partitions (data/cache/system/boot) before installing?
  3. Seven Dogs

    Seven Dogs Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes I think so. I used rom manager to install it and I selected wipe data and cache. I don't remember seeing anything for system/boot on rom manager.

    Could you direct me to where I can download a different theme for 1.8, Halloween is cool but I would like to have the tangerine theme it looks cool.

    Thanks in for your help.
  4. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Android Expert

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  5. Shoegum

    Shoegum Newbie

    I just moved from simply stunning to LFY and like it so far but I thought I was getting 1.7 from rom manager and got 1.8. Im not fond of the orange theme much at all so im going to go with the blue one posted here to fix that until some more become avaliable(Thanks GirLuvsDroid). Main question is the 1.8 a good version to run or should I go ahead and go to 1.7 for now? For me im prety new to this and cant afford to run into alot of problems at this point in the game.

    First impression tho...Im loving this rom so far.:)
  6. Shoegum

    Shoegum Newbie

    Installed that theme over my lunch break. It reverted my bottom launcher icons basck to stock which I wasint happy about. So I went back to the orange for now. Where are new themes announced first so I can get this orange off asap when one comes out?
  7. Shoegum

    Shoegum Newbie

    well redid the theme. Now im blue and happy =)

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