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Aug 26, 2010
Indiana, US
This is what my 5 year old TV looks like after about 30 minutes of watching it, anyone have any ideas?


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So a bit of percussive maintenance(giving it a tap or hitting it) sort of fixes it, however it looks very much like the LCD panel itself is malfunctioning. Given that it's 5 years old, it's probably cheaper to buy a new TV than to get this one repaired.

Unfortunately it's not like the old days, where often just changing a valve/vacuum tube, resistor or capacitor got a TV going again.
I have experienced a very similar failure, although on a much smaller monitor; turned out to be a dirty/loose connector plugged in to the side of the LCD panel internally. Free broken screen to working score in less than an hour.

Suggest popping it open and checking for just such mischief, and scanning for cracked solders at the same time; main focus the area most responsive to the hits, bet you find something loose there.

If you smoke/have pets/live in a dusty environment etc. such failures are more easily manifest.

Disclaimer: Don't do it if you can't without having a shocking experience, goes without saying that the plug should be out overnight to let the aforementioned caps discharge via paths that do not include your a**.

Although these days they are weaksauce, the old tube sets would, yes, really put you on your backside.

Proceed with caution. And rubber shoes.
Ok I will give that a try soon, I have a friend who is awesome at these types of repairs on electronics(maybe never tvs but he's never tackled something he couldn't fix). It's just strange that after I tap on it it goes light then it goes away for rest of viewing time.