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Lg ally is getting the 2.2 upgrade!!!!! Froyo~~~~!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vmanisme, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. codala1810

    codala1810 Newbie

    I seen on a forum that lg pro just announced theat 2.2 will be available for the lg ally in february of next year. Go to froyo developement formum on page 8, its the very first post on that page

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  2. swc2001

    swc2001 Android Expert

  3. thedrizl

    thedrizl Android Enthusiast

    better late than never i guess. it seems to me this phone is the forgotten android. VZW doesn't advertise it, LG's reluctant to support it, and only the dev community seems to give a damn about it. i love my ally, but i'm absolutely disgusted about how long LG has been dragging it's feet on this. phones released well after the ally already have froyo. why are we the red-headed stepchildren of the android world?
  4. Johnny Langton

    Johnny Langton Well-Known Member

    So many people around here simply do NOT understand how business works.
    Once a product has been released for sale by a vendor (VZW in this case) ALL updates MUST be approved by the vendor, and the vendor decides WHEN the updates take place. Even if LG had the update ready months ago, VZW decides WHEN it will be released.
    We all know VZW has a heavily biased love of it's "flagship" like of Androids in the "Droid" line and others like the Fascinate. IMO-the Ally was too good for it's intended "place" in the product line, and was cutting into the sales of the Droid 2 because of the keyboard's FAR better function, and MUCH lesser price. So, VZW accelerated LG's release of the Vortex (basically an Ally minus a keyboard), and left the Ally's Froyo update sitting "on the back burner" for awhile so they could sell more of the Motorola Droid 2's.
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  5. swc2001

    swc2001 Android Expert

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  6. Sneakyd

    Sneakyd Member

  7. Stefenatefun

    Stefenatefun Newbie

    I was reading some things and I saw one major limitation...LIMITED FLASH...

    For anyone who does not know what this means, this means that we won't be able to view everything that requires flash. I am guessing that flash games will be something we won't be able to do.
  8. darkxsun

    darkxsun Guest

    Likely it will not have flash at all. So far Adobe is not willing to support this architecture (including the Ally and the Palm Pixi).
  9. justin153

    justin153 Newbie

    Couldn't agree more. Release of the 2.2 update well after the Holiday shopping season to minimize the the cut into high end Android sales.
  10. mrnumi

    mrnumi Newbie

    I don't see how much longer they're going to keep supporting the Ally. My original Ally got stuck in a boot loop last Sunday, took it to my local VW brick and mortar, and they don't even stock them there anymore. Replacement had to be overnighted to me.
  11. Johnny Langton

    Johnny Langton Well-Known Member

    Well, considering you can still order them new from the website, I'd say they'll keep supporting them until they have no more warrantied units out there.
    Like I've said so many times before..VZW stores love to upsell to the "Droid" line. More profit margin=larger commission.
  12. Sprung

    Sprung Newbie

    After my second Omnia II started acting up this morning, I called Verizon and switched to the Ally. One of the first things I wondered about was an upgrade to 2.2. I'm glad to see it's coming soon :D

    Great forum, btw!
  13. AssertiveBard

    AssertiveBard Member

    Meh, I'd rather not wait, but as long as FROYO comes, in a reasonable time, I'll be a satisfied customer. I hope Verizon and LG don't begin to neglect this phone. It really is a promising piece.
  14. tregal

    tregal Lurker

    Yea, got my official update this morning. I am now running Froyo 2.21 on my 2 LG Ally's! Nice to be able to move apps to the SD card.
  15. mustangwagz

    mustangwagz Lurker

    So far so good. Few visual changes im not crazy about but good so far. does seem to move along a little quicker than it did. i like the 3G hotspot app the upgrade came with. deff a kickass thing!
  16. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    Too bad Verizon charges another $20.00 a month with a 2GB limit to use it:(
  17. JokaLo

    JokaLo Well-Known Member

    Well im still on 2.1 but i have velocity 0.4, and i use the tether it came with on my laptop, does that mean im gonna be charged for that on my next bill?
  18. thetekdoctor

    thetekdoctor Lurker

    As Im sure youve found out. You'lll have to unroot b4 you can upgrade. on the possibility you already did, sorry. too late

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