LG Android Optimus T PLEASE HELP!!!

:eek:i need sum help.:mad:

i downloaded this app on my rooted phone(lg optimus t p509 2.2) called battery icon mod and after i selected the battery icon mod it said rebooting after that my phone no longer works. it loaded the boot image very slowly and makes no progress passed that. i used my clockworkmod recovory(volume up and home button, then powered on)
i went through every option possible on there i reformatted everything and nothing.
now when it turns on it goes straight to a black screen and at the top it says fastboot mode started. nothing when its on this screen and i plug it into a computer it listed a few random words but does nothing. soo ive tried everything i could? :eek::mad::mad:please help?:mad::mad::eek:

scary alien

not really so scary
Welcome to the AndroidForums, kristianlala.

Sorry for your troubles, but your best bet would be posting in the forum that alostpacket kindly linked for you.

The folks there can hopefully guide you out of your predicament (and they would know better than us since they have your same phone).

Good luck!