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LG Aristo LGMS210 LV3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by android500, Sep 3, 2019.


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    Step 1: Download the SuperSu.zip to your Internal SD Card

    Step 2: Enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging in the Developer Options

    Step 3: Put the phone in charging mode instead of media tranfer mode

    Step 4: Open the CMD & type adb devices then type adb reboot bootloader

    Step 5: While still in the CMD type fastboot devices then type Fastboot oem unlock

    Step 6: After the bootloader has been unlocked finish setting up the phone and then follow steps 2,3, & 4 again then go to step 7

    Step 7: now that the phone is in bootloader mode you need to type fastboot devices then type fastboot flash recovery then drag and drop the recovery.img file into the CMD then hit enter in order to flash the recovery. Once this is done turn off the phone by pulling out the battery then go to step 8

    Step 8: once you flashed the recovery.img you need to get into TWRP recovery by holding down the vol down and power then release power the press power again until the phone ask if you want to reset the phone hit yes then yes and you will boot into TWRP. maxresdefault.jpg

    Step 9: Now that you've booted int TWRP its now time to flash the SuperSU.zip file that you've put on you've in the downloads folder of your internal storage by clicking on install then locating where the SuperSU.zip file is located then following the picture below. SuperSU can be downloaded here:

    TWRP 2.png
    Screenshot_2016-01-13-02-09-11[1].png Screenshot_2016-01-13-02-14-48[1].png
    Step 10: After SuperSU has been flashed reboot the phone by following the pictures below.


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