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LG Charger with Galaxy Nexus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nitrochris, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. nitrochris

    nitrochris Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got my G Nexus 2 days ago and have been enjoying it so far, but I haven't been able to charge it with the LG AC to Micro USB I used to use all the time with my OG Droid. It doesn't recognize its even connected to a charger and I've never had problems interchanging other Micro USB device chargers (at least quality ones... Samsung, LG, Motorola etc).

    I also have a Griffin 12V Car to USB port charger that doesn't seem to work so well. The Nexus will register that it is charging but doesn't seem to actually charge.

    Anyone else having these issues?


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  2. DLCPhoto

    DLCPhoto Newbie

    My wife's LG USB/MicroUSB cable won't allow my Nexus to charge either. I bought some inexpensive ones from Monoprice (less than a buck apiece) which work fine.

    As for the car charger, this is another can of worms I've been researching. I have bought and returned a couple of alleged 1 amp USB car chargers (one was the newest Griffin PowerJolt Dual Micro unit), and both are seen by my GN as a "USB" source, not "AC". The only car chargers that seem to provide sufficient current to be seen as "AC" and provide a more powerful charge, are ones with the cable "built-in" such as the stock Verizon charger. My daughter's "Just Wireless" also works fine. Both of these have the thick, "coiled" cable that is integrated into the charger.

    Interestingly, the accessory USB port on the Verizon charger, even when used with the USB cable that came with the phone, is seen as "USB" charging. It has to be the built-in cable.

    I'm still looking for a basic "free-standing" car charger, that I can use with my thin Monoprice cable, but I'm not sure they exist. Because of where I want to route the cable in my car, the coiled cable is just too fat and bulky for my purposes.
  3. darkuni

    darkuni Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, strange right? I have microUSB chargers ALL over the place. A few don't work on the Nexus - but most do.
  4. speede541

    speede541 Android Enthusiast

    I'm running a battery monitor that estimates charge / discharge rates, and when I'm in the car running Nav, screen on full time, all services plus maybe streaming, it is estimating an Amp draw of over 600mA -- well over the approximate 500mA a USB charger is putting out.

    And like DLC says, the Power Jolt isn't giving the claimed 1A. I believe this is due to the USB cable not having the necessary resistors jumping a couple of the leads.

    I don't have an answer yet -- I'm watching this topic, too.
  5. nitrochris

    nitrochris Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Glad I'm not the only one with the LG charger issue, it had me worried something was messed up with the charge circuit on my new phone. I also had a LG car charger with coil cord, which wasn't recognized by my GN either.

    My Griffin car charger is the slightly older Dual USB model. I checked it on my phone and I was getting the 500ma charge. My old Motorola (with Mini to Micro adapter) car charger worked though and gave a full 'AC' charge. I just ordered a new Power USB plug for my car which is capable of up to 2A, so I'll see if that works better.

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. DLCPhoto

    DLCPhoto Newbie

    I've been participating in a few different threads on searching for the holy grail of car chargers, that will deliver sufficient current to be seen as "AC" charging, and somebody else found this one:

    HTC Charger

    The reviews indicate that this will do what we want with the Galaxy Nexus, and the poster confirmed this with his GN as well. I ordered one yesterday - $3.12 with free shipping. I should have ordered 2!
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  7. speede541

    speede541 Android Enthusiast

    Ugh, so close. I need two ports. I think I'll need to hack the Kensington 2.1 / 1A model.
  8. nitrochris

    nitrochris Lurker
    Thread Starter

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