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Lg Connect: Should I buy this phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kharodm1, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. kharodm1

    kharodm1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My two year old Samsung Galaxy Indulge, Rooted + Konane's Kernel + overclocked, fun little device has finally taken its last fall -- physical fall. I am rough on phones, though I am really trying to be more careful. I ride bicycles and run around constantly, etc.... phones tend to get smashed, smooshed, crushed, tossed, dropped, etc.. (but never water).

    Anyways, I am looking for a solid Android phone to root and beef up, I do not feel like purchasing another Indulge and the other Metropcs Samsung phones seem like junk for the price (seriously, the Galaxy S LightRay looks like schiet).

    Is this phone worth 239.00 and will it last? Plus what are some benefits, perks or add-ons available?

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  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    It honestly depends on need.... don't get an attain though.

    This phone drains battery and overheats when 4g is used heavy or left on when not in use.

    Root and recovery are available as a single one click batch file.

    Two stock roms are available but only black plague is developer supported ATM.
    Multiple themes are available from two of the best themers available imo
    Tethering is cracked and working on custom roms.
    Extended batteries are fairly cheap.
    Gorilla glass holds up but the bezel is shallow and doesn't protect well on edge drops.
    No HDMI or led notification
    Camera is beautiful.
    Forum is friendly until an esteem owner shows up and talks smack.

    Worth the cash IMO.

    Oh and oc available up to 1.8gig
  3. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Tokenpoke summed it up very nicely. Even with the battery not lasting, and running alittle hot when pushing it, IMO it is still worth every penny.
  4. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Android Enthusiast

    New phones are coming out soon. Maybe wait a little bit to see if they're better?
  5. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Lol, that's your general answer huh?...

    Just gonna point one thing out about new phones.... no development support on the prepaid end and little community support has left the attain4g without a custom recovery to this day with only one user (me) willing and trying to send a dev a development platform. Most users on this forum, like the op for instance, want to know about development advances and tend to buy a slightly older or more promising model as an upgrade because the development has already started or the community is trying to get dev attention already.

    Instead of saying "wait for the next quarter and buy an unsupported 3-500$ device" maybe you could give a good reason for that reasoning. Something like "blah blah blah phone is very similar or uses an identical chipset to blah blah phone that is already rooted and has a custom recovery" or "the advanced CPU/gpu of yadda yadda may be worth the wait for dev work" or possibly "I'm planning on getting X phone myself due to advantage x,y, and z over this particular model."

    Just saying.
  6. flakito97

    flakito97 Android Expert

    Lolz right...." just saying " aha! No but really he's right. Your getting your money's worth with the Connect. I didn't get this phone till I saw the development side of things grow. I had the admire since the 1st week it came out and was so sad till about 6 months later when we got a dev to start some development. Point is Nowadays before you buy a $300+ phone.. CHECK FOR DEVELOPMENT.. ITS A MUST FOR ANDROID DEVICES/PHONES!!! ;)
  7. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Android Enthusiast

    I like getting the best phones out regardless of the dev community. I don't do anything to my phone besides rooting. And rarely I flash a custom ROM. The only ROMs I'd use as a daily driver would be stock or CM. CM isn't out so I'm on stock. I like stock :D
  8. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    but he obviously cares about development ;)
  9. ChiweN

    ChiweN Android Expert

    I have to agree here. The OP clearly showed that he is interested in Modding his phone, both directly and also indirectly by telling us what he had done with his indulge, you not caring about dev/preferring stock should hold no weight in regards to his question.. totally unrelated topics.

    Him waiting to see what phones are on the horizon does not really answer his question. He wanted to know if the connect was worth it, and mike summed it up perfectly.

    Anyone can brook the argument that "new and better" phones are on the way, but if you are always waiting on a better phone to show up you'd never get a phone. You'd always be waiting, because smart phones become old news within months of release, and something "better" is always right around the corner.

    To answer the OP's question, it is absolutely worth every damn cent you will spend on it. With its specs, I doubt metro will release a phone that will out run it anytime soon, and certainly nothing that will completely smash it.

    Anything shy of a quad-core device will simply be in the same league as the connect, not better, and surely cost more. Why wait and pay more for a similarly spec'd phone when you can get the connect now and pay less?

    And yes..

    seriously. Lol
  10. kharodm1

    kharodm1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Much thanks to Totenpoke/Chiwen, you've supplied me with exactly the information I was looking for.

    I think I am going to place an order for this phone right away, and now.. instead of being bummed I have to shell out for a new phone, I am kind of stoked to have a beast with a lot of options.

    I was looking at the Attain and the Admire... and feeling very, very.... underwhelmed. I'll post an update after I get and configure it, thank you all again for the insight.
  11. jprosek

    jprosek Member

    Well its like this this phone is a s3 snapdragon cpu with an adreno 220 gpu, my friend bought an htc amaze with the exsact same chipset just clocked at 1.5 instead of 1.2 out the box and paid twice as much only to have to mod it to UNDERCLOCK his phone to 1.2 to keep it from overheating. Just saying... lol
  12. kharodm1

    kharodm1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Okay, just to put an update out there for those who took the time to answer my queries;

    Bought the LG Connect 4g this morning at 10am, while working, managed to follow the steps on this forum to one-click root (Thank Chiwen), Flash the Black Plaque ROM (Thank Playfulgod), install Chiwen's Pdroid + Data unthrottle package (thanks again Chiwen!), and set the cpu fix solidly with the file posted by Squiggz (thank you!).

    Carried over contacted from my Indulge, set up privacy options (so love pdroid), and pretty much now have a serious beast of a phone at a decent price.

    Managed to do everything while working, in record time, thank you everyone, very happy.

    Now I am curious what the best OC setting are, looking for extended battery and a way to toggle the LTE 4g.
  13. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Oc is most stable around 1.5- 1.6

    Extended or alternate batteries can be had cheaply but make sure its LG brand and not rayovac or similar pos .

    I use widgesoid2.x to toggle data amongst other things. Check my YouTube for some short vids that may help you out. Sn is neeedleinahaystack dont forget that's needle with three "e"s. Link on the way.


    This is my first set up with the connect4g its different now because i changed my widgesoid2 set up to include data on/off (one click turns off mobile data, (Calls and sms come through but not mms or net) flashlight, 3g/4g, and some other stuff. But i think this is a nice overview.
  14. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    ha, I just subscribed to your youtube channel. your voice doesn't sound like i would have thought. lol. why was some of them so short? why did you only have 20 seconds?

  15. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    Yeah Token you don't sound like you. Good video though.
  16. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    Lol, yeah. That always throws everyone..

    First, i have broken my nose a lot and busted my jaw a couple years ago, seems to have muddled my vocals so I've stopped full contact sparing. (unfortunately i like to fight. odd for a nerd but hey, gotta like some form of sport)

    The short videos are from the testing stages of using the free version of the screen capture app i use to make the videos .
  17. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    which app are you talking about: I noticed you using screencast and that gives you way more than 20 sec?


    ps....to hear me talk you just hear good ol west texas twaaaaang. I might live in the ft worth area but I'm from west texas. texas is so big we have different accents. north and south texas have more have more of the draaaawl while us from west texas have the twaaaaang. lol
  18. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    The free version of screencast only goes twenty seconds. I did eventually get the full version,those are the longer ones.
  19. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    Ah, I see. I love screencast.
  20. myshkin

    myshkin Android Enthusiast

    Mike, do you have TeamViewer on your computer?
  21. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    No. I use my brothers pc for most stuff as mine proudly proclaims "y2k compliant" on the case.

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