Help Lg-e 739


Hello fellow members, I'm delighted to be a member of this forum. This is my first post and hope I'm posting in the right area. I'm the owner of an LG-E739 and thanks to the instructions from this forum I was able to root and unlock my phone. My internet provider is Rogers and while the phone does all the basic functions (incoming/outgoing calls, texting etc...) It refuses to log on to their internet system.

Rogers technical support walked me through the setting up the phone correctly but this did not resolve the problem of accessing their internet system. At that point they indicate that some phones are not compatible with their network and suggest that this might the case with the LG-E739.

Another point is the phone always shows "2G" at the top instead of the expected "3G". In the Setup I uncheck the box that indicate "Use in 2G mode only. I'm able to access the internet using WIFI, but not without it.
I'm hoping that someone here may have experienced this and could point me in the right direction.



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I would see if you can get their access point settings and program that into your phone. Did you get the phone from Rogers directly or another carrier? If you got it from them then I would think that they would have to make it compatible with their network...