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LG Esteem 2.3 Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by morgankslade, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. morgankslade

    morgankslade Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If LG Esteem stock 2.3 Gingerbread, will it Root like Samsung Admire stock 2.3.4.Gingerbread???


  2. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    differant phones are set up differantly.. so maybe, maybe not... howver this phone is a clone of the LG Revolution, which has been out for 6+ months.. so rooting it is most likely the same as that phone.. again cant guarantee that, however the screen shots of this phone show gingerbreak running and applying root.. so maybe it is alreadyr ootable.. now just need the other components for it, recovery.. and roms lol
  3. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    Gingerbreak didn't work - at least, it didn't work for me.

    Anyone else have any other results with it?
  4. morgankslade

    morgankslade Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    JWhipple, How do you like your NEW device. How is the battery life so far?
  5. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    Loving it so far - haven't had it off the charger long enough to really gauge yet though. I've got it hooked up at the moment, going to try SuperOneClickRoot to see if that gets us anywhere.

    {EDIT} Hmmm... Doesn't appear that my PC, although setup with the Android SDK, is recognizing the ADB interface even though USB debugging is enabled on the phone... So... I'll tinker with it a bit more before declaring it a dead end.

    {EDIT} I got ADB working - had to enable "Internet connection" mode - AKA wired tethering. SuperOneClick hangs on the right pane saying Rooting device... - Step #6 ... GRRRR!
  6. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    may i suggest finding a LG Revolution rooting procedure and tryingt hat, this phone is pretty much a stripped down clone of that phone
  7. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    The Revolution is also a 2.2 Froyo phone - not a 2.3.4 Gingerbread phone. WORLD of difference.
  8. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Android Enthusiast

    true .. didnt take that into acount.. lol
  9. morgankslade

    morgankslade Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    J Whipple..You are working hard to break this as seen by entries here and in another forum. Just wanted to acknowledge and say thankyou.
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  10. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    You're welcome, but I by no means am a developer - just trying to do what I can to help out :)
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  11. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member

    Gingerbreak didn't work for me either
  12. vlad957

    vlad957 Guest

    I'm getting the lg esteem soon. I was wondering if anyone figured out the root yet? Also if I root and I mess something up is there away to restore?
  13. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    Not yet and nope - just hope that a factory restore fixes it!
  14. rahdaman

    rahdaman Lurker

    First time rooter here... Jus tryn to follow along with what u guys have goin on here. Even though idk alot about what u guys are talking about, i have the esteem and here that rooting your andoid makes it a whole lot better so i thank u guys in advance for the hard work and time ya put in to sharing this stuff and hopefully i can keep up and learn from u guys..
  15. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Android Enthusiast

    I wonder when the LG Revolution 2 with Gingerbread 2.3 is released on maybe 10/20/11 if it will have the same root procedure. It appears it might have dual core and dual band cdma and gsm. These specs are rumored as of now. I was curious if a dual core is rooted the same way. With it being multi band, will it be able to work on metropcs.

    Even though it is considered a world phone.It doesn't use the freq range used for Metropcs.

    I guess we wait to see which phone is rooted first to help with the Esteem.
  16. drt054

    drt054 Lurker

    Hello all.. I am a LG Revolution user, we have only been able to root the original firmware. There was an OTA update a few months ago and since then we can't root. So we actually have to downgrade the phone back to original firmware using LGNPST and then root if someone accidentally upgraded their phone. The exploit used for the original firmware was ragaagainstthecage which only works with Android 2.2.1 VS910v4 firmware, not v6. I will continue to watch this forum if you guys get lucky.. Supposedly the LG Revolution 1 will get gingerbread sometime in October.
  17. drt054

    drt054 Lurker

  18. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

  19. thevisitor83

    thevisitor83 Well-Known Member

    who ever was asking for the system pull of the esteem i got mine today and i pulled all the system folders.hit me up.
  20. danh18

    danh18 Lurker

    Has anyone tried this and gotten it to work??
  21. Aplus

    Aplus Android Enthusiast

    Not sure I understand what you mean.
  22. yahhboy

    yahhboy Android Expert

    If you are talking about rooting, there are two stickies at the top of this forum on how to root :D
  23. Prime85

    Prime85 Android Expert

    be more clear as to what you are asking about
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